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Instant Karma

2006-01-13    11:26 a.m.
Have you ever had your groceries rung up and the amount been completely even?

That’ll be exactly sixteen dollars, please.

When that happens, I get this feeling of instant karma. A cosmic high-five. All stars aligned. The clock flashing 11:11.

This week I’ve been thinking about little things that bring about some sort of goodness. More specifically, I’m thinking about how I need to be more aware of these moments and to fully recognize when they pass me by.

It’s like being completely parallel yet perpendicular to everyone around you. As you pass them on the street, your lives are touching in that very moment, yet you’re not touching at all.

I love that feeling of insignificance. It’s humbling to have others’ lives going on all around me without any regard for me. It reminds me to quit being so stuck on whatever’s going on with me, as life goes on with or without me.

The other day someone included a quote that got me thinking:

“Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

Holy crap, is that ever true. I’m going to try to be more aware of that as the perpendicular crossings happen.

I sound like a college freshman taking her first psychology class where I realize that one’s perceptions shape his or her reality and that not everyone’s perceptions/reality are the same.

So I’ll end on this cheesy note to try to make up for being Miss Pensive today:

My purple might not be your purple.

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