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2006 in Review

2007-01-08    9:44 a.m.
I met my girls at the beginning of the year. Yay for having these wonderful, wonderful women in my life!

I held a Kick the Crap Out of Love party where everyone was supposed to watch movies with karate and explosions around Valentine’s Day, but we instead stood in my kitchen, talked, and drank. It was a great night.

After four years of knowing each other online, I finally met Catie when I went to NYC for some random weekend fun. I rocked NYC with my afro wig and pink sequins skirt. I also ran in beautiful Central Park. And as an added bonus, I also met my online friend Kate for brunch.

The Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus presented The Ten Commandments. I was chased by Egyptians trying to steal my baby, danced by the Red Sea, and was on top of a sea-side pyramid. I also hit the high note at the end, if you listen to the recording carefully.

I saw Conan O’Brien at the Chicago Theater. I also fulfilled a daydream that I’ve dreamed for three years.

I ran the Salt Lake City Marathon, and I met Abel and his wife for dinner.

I attended my family reunion again this year. Those are some crazy folks, and Uncle Paulie’s 30th anniversary of being out of the closet was a great party!

I rocked Vegas like it’s supposed to be rocked! I stayed out all night both nights I was there, wore skimpy little dresses, went VIP at a club, and gambled with someone else’s money.

I attended my first Margarita Tuesday. A frozen pitcher for each of us, porn on the iPod, Hubbard Street Adult Video, Officer Tony, free gin and tonics and vodka cranberries, Trump Tower construction workers...

I made a lot of actuaries really, really happy.

I did something anonymously nice.

This was the month that never ended: multiple parties, a CGMC show where I danced as a toy soldier and as a snowflake ballerina, two weeks in Houston, eBay auctions galore, and finishing it all off with a trip to Atlanta for New Year’s Eve, where I’ll meet another online friend for the first time. 

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