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Shows, Taxi Madness, Sickness, MySpace, and Kyle

2006-04-25† Ė† 12:26 p.m.
Iím coming off a weekend that has left me exhausted.

My writing here has been scarce because Iíve had rehearsals galore for this weekendís three shows. Working all day and then rushing off to the theater for rehearsals past 11 p.m. will really take it out of you. However, the shows were a smashing success and definitely something I am proud to be part of.

After Saturday eveningís show we had a cast party where I drank too much. And then I went to an untz-untz where I drank even more. One sweetie from my choir helped me pull cash from an ATM and get into a cab. A few blocks after getting into the cab, the taxi driver asked me what I was doing.

While rummaging through my purse, I said, ďIím looking for my cell phone.Ē

I donít know how that sounded like, ďIíve got no money and intend on stiffing you for this ride,Ē but he started yelling at me about how he doesnít work for free and how I needed to get out of his taxi immediately.

So along the feeder road for Lakeshore Drive, I got out of the taxi.

A newspaper delivery man was nice enough to wait with me in the middle of no manís land until another taxi came along. That taxi driver got a 33% tip for not being a jerk.


I awoke on my couch at 12:30 to the world spinning. I made a few phone calls to friends and vegged on the couch for much of the day. My stomach went nuts after a Gatorade and a big bowl of Raisin Bran, and I hung my head into the garbage disposal side of the kitchen sink several times.

Exhausted from such exertion, I slept it off. Well, on and off... Making more trips to the sink.

Iím very good at being a single person. I donít need anyone to entertain me, give my life meaning, make me like myself, or whatever other reasons people cling to relationships that arenít worth a damn. Iíll be good god-damned before I have someone around just to have someone around.

However, for a brief moment yesterday, while lying in a cold sweat on the couch, I wanted nothing more than a little sympathy. Someone to wet a washcloth and hold it to my head. Someone to go to Walgreenís to buy a can of soup and heat it up for me. Someone to mix the powdered Gatorade for me because shaking the bottle until the crystals disappeared was making my head hurt worse.

Yes, pathetic. But luckily that crap passed quickly.

However, I can easily justify it by saying that I needed a mother. Thatís the story Iím sticking with, at least.

I awoke at 9 p.m. with just enough energy to mix some more Gatorade and go back to sleep until it was time for work Monday morning.

I came into work yesterday to a good number of email messages from people saying they enjoyed my show. Iím excited to say that I had people at each show. Go friends! Everyone seemed to like it, including my friendís boyfriendís mom, who might have been offended by some of the more risquť topics mentioned: dildos, lesbianism, and sex with a sheep to name a few. Now letís not forget that this is a chorus full of gay men (and little olí me), which might already be objectionable in some peopleís eyes.

If youíre one of those objecting, shame on you. Performing with this group, Iíve met some of the warmest, most caring people Iíve ever encountered. Itís not a blanket statement that all gay men are awesome or an indication that Iím a hag of any sort, but if you blatantly dismiss any group as a whole, youíre the one whoís missing out.

And may no one burn a cross on your front lawn...

So have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy MySpace? Itís not the getting-to-know you stuff thatís available by any means. Shoot, if you invite me to be your friend and I donít actually know you, I donít accept your invitation. What I enjoy about this is catching up with people I havenít seen in ages. Loads of my high school peeps are on there, and I love seeing what theyíre up to. Itís sorta like going to a reunion without anyone thinking Iím fat or some nonsense like that.

Yesterday I came across someone who was one of my really good friends in high school. Itís interesting to see where life takes each of us. Come to find out, she lived in Chicago up until about a year ago.

I just posted a bulletin with some information Iíd like to share with you:

Iím proud to announce that my darling brother, Kyle Keena, has been signed as a Cisco Wrangler! Next year heíll be representing Cicso Junior College. His bat and strong throwing arm even landed him a scholarship!

Stop by, and leave him a congrats note in his guestbook!

One step closer to the major leagues! Way to go, Kyle!

On that note, Iím outta here. I need some lunch, and there are some lilí sushis calling my name.†

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