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Another Week, Another Entry

2006-03-03† Ė† 10:33 a.m.
I once had a boyfriend for five years. We got along really well, but I guess that goes without saying. If youíre with someone that long, youíd better damn well at least like them.

Things came to a head right before our five-year anniversary. Very simply, in a statement that I donít think heíd disagree with in the least, he was a bonehead.

It all worked out for the better, so no hard feelings anymore.

I havenít talked with him in quite some time, so I was surprised to see his name on my missed calls list last Saturday night.

Sorry to be so last-minute, but Iím flying to Chicago tomorrow morning and have the entire day free. Want to meet up?

The next day we met up at his hotel and headed to the museum for the Pompeii exhibit. Then we rode to an Indian restaurant for a late lunch.

With no one in the Lincoln Park restaurant, we sat there until 5 p.m. when I had to rush off to choir practice. Having been part of each otherís lives for so long, I knew there would be a certain amount of familiarity. Yet having been away for almost as many years as we were together, I expected there to be more differences than what I saw.

In sum, it was good to catch up. There are reminders of him all over, but itís easy to forget.

So that was my Sunday.

Friday and Saturday werenít nearly as laid back.

On Friday I was in rare form. Damn booze. Iíve pieced together the night through phone calls with friends. It seems that I wasnít the only one who awoke the next morning and asked how in the fuck I made it home.

On a side note, I got my first post-Benito kiss. No, it wasnít a stranger. Yes, itís someone Iíd see again. My lips are otherwise sealed, so donít go asking for more details unless youíre one of my girlfriends.

(Oh, but thatís right. If you were one of my girlfriends, this would be old news...)

I spent much of Saturday being absolutely useless, but I had to suck it up to get ready for my first official date.

The dinner was good. The company was good. The after-the-dinner nightcap was good. I reluctantly got my second post-Benito kiss, and that pretty much sealed it. I just wasnít feeling it, so thereís now another one in the just-friends category.

Alas, there are so many options right now. I again have six boyfriends, a joke that was made back in the pre-Benito days.

For the first three days of this week, I spent my work hours in orientation and meetings. Zzzz... Alas, I now have insurance and paid holidays. Come Memorial Day Iíll spend the day away from the office and yet still make money off of it. Whee!

I get a total of about seven weeks off per year. Iím practically German!

On Monday night I attended my first ukulele lesson. Iím horrible, but Iím just as horrible as everyone else in the class. Some older married guy stopped me after class and said that he was amused by my facial expressions while playing and how much I was laughing.

With taking ukulele lessons, Iíve intentionally set myself up to fail. (Iím trying more and more lately to do something out of my comfort zone, so the ukulele it is!) Iím horrible, and it makes me laugh. A lot. Iím so frigginí pitiful, but Iím really enjoying it.

Once I get my ukulele tuned, Iíll play you a song about a hula girl in Waikiki. My chorus practice at least has me more confident in belting it out these days. Iíll be karaoke-ing before you know it!

On Tuesday I attended a meeting for joining a racing team. Iím now a member of the local running storeís racing team! Whee! My scores get compiled for prizes, I get a fancy uniform, I have an honest-to-goodness cross country coach, and Iíll meet plenty of others who are also into running and racing... and as they said, drinking beer. Itís amazing how our interests lead us home.

In other news, I saw my future baby-daddy from across the room. Iíll have to give him the eye as practices start and I get confirmation that heís not an ass.

On my way out from the meeting, a cute girl waved at me. I waved back, certain that she wasnít actually waving at me. Alas, she was. She waved for me to come over, and she told me that the group sitting there was the Tuesday night womenís running group. Prior to the meeting I met two girls in the regular group, so now I know three.

My friend Happy and I get together on Tuesday nights to watch Nashville Star (it starts on the 14th -- whee!), but thatís at 9 p.m. It definitely looks like Iíll be able to run with the group and then head back home or to Happyís home for the country music, non-catty version of American Idol.

On Wednesday I went to evening mass with two friends. And then in church clothes with ashes on our heads, we stopped by a nasty frat bar and had a couple beers. This Catholic thing sure is fun. (I kid, I kid...) But, really. The conversion thing is going well. The more people I tell about it, the more people ask if they can come to my confirmation. Weíll see how many people actually show up, but itís still kinda neat that people are into it.

Last night I had an optional chorus rehearsal that I had to skip. I really just had too much that needed to be done at home. My weekend is jam-packed, and dirty dishes donít wash themselves. And cats also donít pet themselves either.

Running doesnít happen unless you make it, and Iíve got a race in one month. I ran kinda late, but I was dressed for the cold, had mace in my pocket, stayed in the areas where others were dining or shopping, and my door lady knew my route and when to expect me to come back. I ended up stopping pretty early into my run since I was overdressed and didnít have water with me. Iíll be back out there tonight, as soon as I get off of work. My running has improved so much so quickly that Iím actually motivated to keep it up. Itís amazing what all you can get done when you get a little push and a high from seeing actual results.

Tonight Iíve got my friend Happyís birthday party. The next night is a housewarming get-together, followed up by another friendís birthday party. And then Sunday is recovery and chorus practice.

Busy, busy, busy!

Happy Friday, everyone. †

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