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Trying this Blog Thing Again...

2006-11-13† Ė† 3:43 p.m.
Friday night was a friend's b-day, where we commandeered the back half of a bar and lounged on their big couches. I had a moment where I couldnít help but go Al Bundy, which brought smiles to those around. The b-day girl, however, took the comedy cake with her miracle chicken cutlets -- va-va-va-voom, youíre now a 32B! I skipped outta there early to head to bed, as the next morning had me up early.

Since one girl friend is leaving Chicago for balmier breezes, sheís checking off her Chicago-related to-do list. Saturday was tea at the Drake. After $35 in mini sandwiches, cookies, and tea from our very own little tea pots, we decided that a drink was in order. Both the Hyatt and some restaurant around the corner was too crowded, so I bailed and went to work to finish up a project if I was going to take off sick on Monday. *cough*

Work schmerk. I got it all done, sent in status reports, and shot off directions and to-do lists to everyone else out there. Lo and behold, I didnít feel like playing hooky today, and everyone else called in sick. So Iím all ahead on my week, covering for all, and still writing blog.

That evening I started off having dinner with a fav girl and ended it at a bar with her and a fav boy. I was hardcore to the max and sipped water all night. Iím not usually the one screaming about ďcockless whores,Ē but being around drunk people while 100% sober threw me a bit off. Since I know good and well that Iíve been a sloppy drunk at least a few times in my 27 years, I let most drunken behavior slide. No one grabbed my boob, so all was cool. Happy birthday to the birthday boy! I hope someone made $500 off the side bets made.

The next morning I was up and at Ďem before the sun fully came up. I made a phone call to someone who drunk dialed me at 2 a.m. on Friday, hoping to at least wake his ass up a little at 5:30. You ruin my sleep, Iíll ruin yours... After two weeks of not feeling so hot, I made a quick run to the doc. All is in the good, and I was given directives to not have sex or exercise for another two weeks. The first I can do standing on my head, but the second is starting to get to me.

Ugh. Seriously, I know Iíve put on weight lately. My clothes arenít fitting right, and I have this general sense of squishiness. Granted, itís not so much that I didnít pull of the Britney costume beautifully, but itís got me feeling rather glum instead of my usual glam. Alas, when I start kicking things at Crunch, maybe itíll give me a good boost since Iíll actually see my results.

Howís that for forward thinking?!

Speaking of forward thinking, Iíve started a to-do list for the business Iím launching at the start of the New Year. I have the domain names narrowed, am researching Internet/phone options for my home office, and will be dorking with a web presence in the near future. The good olí folks over at Juxtapose Inc. will be getting my web hosting business yet again. I love when I can support small businesses that provide both good customer and business services.

Okay, Iím off to a CPR/first aid class where Iíll get to pretend to make out with a plastic man. [insert your vibrator joke here] Ooh la la! †

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