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Bookstore Browsing

2005-12-20    10:57 a.m.
So last night I went with my best friend to the bookstore for her last-minute shopping. I knew Benito had an interview in a magazine, so I was flipping from the table of contents to the article when a man interrupted me and asked if I was interested in the magazine’s topic.

“Oh. This is an interview with my ex-boyfriend. He’s getting good press on his last project right now.”

The guy perked up. I guess hearing ex-boyfriend piqued his interest, since he continued talking.

“So, what did you ex do?”

I knew he was talking about the project, but I let it out.

“He dumped me last week, so now I’m here in Dallas, wallowing in self pity with my best friend as he does whatever it is that people do when they dump the person who is oh-so-right for them.”


He then asked me out.

This is what single women deal with, people.  

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