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Grumpy and Back to Work, and Hoping 2007 Brings Change

2007-01-08† Ė† 4:27 p.m.
I was hoping that three weeks spent in 50-70 degree weather would do me some good, but Iíve only been back in Chicago for a few days now, and Iím already cold and grumpy. This is horseshit.

More and more thought has been given to this predicament lately. Iím a big fan of the idea that you choose how you react to what happens around you. (Click here, and scroll down to The Principles of Life for some really great ideas.) Iím allowing the weather to affect me, thereby choosing to be grumpy.

Okay, yes, thatís true... But I can also choose to bail on Chicago and find more consistent warmth. Iíll hit four years here in less than a month, and I see no reason not to make changes. Iíll stick around for the summer since Iíve got two chorus shows that I donít want to miss, and then Iíll embrace my gypsy spirit and see where I end up.

Iíve got my eyes in a couple places, and I may or may not have solicited a drunken agreement that scored me a roommate/moving partner. Itís not a contract made under duress by any means, but drunkenly saying that a move sounds awesome doesnít exactly hold up -- even in Judge Mathisí court. The unnamed party will get the shifty eye sometime between now and then before I impatiently start tapping my foot and looking at my watch.

Patience. I must work on that.

So, what are your resolutions for the year?

My primary resolution is to consume less. Do I really need anymore tank tops? shoes? purses? lip gloss? um, booze? With this new thinking, I even fought the urge to cross the street to buy a delicious frozen pizza from 7-11. I have plenty of grub in my house. I donít need a box of frozen goodness, no matter how scrumptious and spot-hitting it would be. Note to self: Avoid Walgreenís chips and dips aisle during PMS-y times. Put the Tostitos down, woman!

Iíve got another good one: Learn to take a damn compliment. Compliments are statements of an opinion, and how can you really argue with someoneís opinion? I may not see whateverís said, but that doesnít mean that he or she doesnít see things that way. Say thanks, smile, and move along. The end.

The above-mentioned patience and chilling the fuck out is also on the list. Iíve cut back on annoyances by wearing earplugs on public transportation and avoiding tourist areas, and thatís helped to a degree. But really, a few deep breaths and happy thoughts could also help. Itís funny how itís the things that usually stir people up are what slide off of me (relationship, job, and money issues) and yet someone cowing his or her gum will set a scowl the size of Texas across my face.

And of course Iíll have the stereotypical resolution to workout more... This is aided by having a quickly-approaching marathon in DFW, where Iíd like to show myself how much better things are when I *gasp* actually train consistently. Add to it that I also have a gym that I love and some gym friends who I look forward to seeing, and Iíll be in ten classes a week. Iíll be sporting a set of guns before you know it!

Well, that about sums it up. Happy Monday, all.†

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