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Third Annual C&C4ACS

2006-03-20    4:27 p.m.
I’m pleased to announce the third annual C&C4ACS fundraiser.

(Calling it C&C4ACS is complete rubbish that I pulled from my brain so I don’t have to type Crowhihs and ChicagoJo for the American Cancer Society fundraiser, so have no fear if you can’t remember my not-so-catchy attempt at PR.)

There are three ways to raise these funds through this site. Here’s the break-down:

Way #1

If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll remember the past two years when Crowhihs was fabulous enough to run a promotion through my site to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

Here’s how things work:

Visit Crowhihs’s dland page, and sign her guestbook. She’ll donate $1 just for your taking a few minutes to do that.

If you’re a dland user, add her to your favorites list, and she’ll make a $2 contribution.

Way #2

For a $3 donation compliments of moi, I’d like for you to work a particular phrase into your own blog and link it to me:

The ____ of your life.

Fill in that blank with whatever you want. It's just a little something I’ve done to make things interesting.

My stats tracker will let me know who linked it on their site, and I’ll sign your guestbook when I notice hits from your page to let you know that you’ve been counted.

Way #3

Of course, in addition to generating someone else’s funds for a great cause, you could also make a donation to benefit the Relay Team run by two very awesome kids.

(Actually, it’s run by their two very awesome parents. But, hey! Kids get the cuteness points! Give money so the cute kids reach their goals!)

How friggin’ easy is that? 

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