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Running Stuff and Craig's List

2006-04-18† Ė† 4:20 p.m.
This weekend was a busy one, although I also got a lot of rest in. I successfully became Catholic, and Iíll have to later tell the tale that Iíll submit to the canonization committee upon my fatherís death. Iíll have to leave out the bit about how he called me from work today to ask if bullshit was one word, two, or hyphenated. Iím always glad to give a consult when needed...

Catholicism, my dad, and a seven-hour practice for this weekendís upcoming show aside, all is going well. Since last writing, there has been a change on the running plan. I will not be running the 10-mile race in my triple-race weekend. Now before you couch potatoes call me a wiener for shirking out of this, allow me to explain.

Last October when I ran the marathon, one of my very good friends from way back in college stayed with me that week and also ran the race. Apparently sometime along the way I told him that Iíd run the Salt Lake City marathon, partaking in a return in hospitality.

So instead of running 3.5 miles on Thursday, 10 miles on Saturday, and 6.2 miles on Monday, Iím running 3.5 on Thursday, 6.2 on Monday, and 26.2 the following Saturday.

Howís that for an endurance challenge?

Last night after realizing that the SLC marathon date was quickly approaching, I went for a long run to test the waters. I figured Iíd just run until I was tired of running, but that wasnít to be. One hour and 42 minutes into my run, I got really, really hungry. Iíd expended nearly 1,000 calories in my 10-mile jot, so that was a sufficient-enough reason for me to stop at that point. I really think I could have kept going all night long.

Running this distance was quite nice since I hadnít run double digits since last Octoberís marathon. Whatís even better is that I ran the distance while maintaining my pace. I was surprised by that, yes. Who knew I was in that good of shape?!

On a positive note, my previously grumpy knee felt and feels no ill effects from running 10 miles on Chicagoís finest concrete.

(Concrete has no give, so itís harder on your body while running. I train on concrete because all races are on concrete. No need to train in other conditions if my body has to be able to withstand the pounding.)

Anyway, enough with the fitness talk. Iím sure some of you are wondering what happened to the drinker and go-er out-er in me.

In funny news that may lead to some drinking and going out, Iíve spent the past day and a half responding to a personal ad I placed on Craigís List as a joke. I posted something about a particular floor in my work building having all of the buildingís attractive guys, and the responses have been hilarious. I have a friend in HR who is looking these people up as I get emails, making it even funnier that I have someone on the inside.


If nothing else, Iíve got two people I wouldnít mind going to a happy hour with.

Now donít go thinking that Iím available for real, live dates, yíall. Happy hours are just happy, so Iím up for that.

I got to work early today, so Iím skipping out now. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday night.†

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