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Things You Need to Know... Continued

2006-11-21    10:58 a.m.
I got home late last night from CPR class, so I called the one person who I knew wasn’t sleeping, who I hadn’t talked with in a long time, and who I wanted to say hello to.

Kyle is one of my favorite people to talk with. That brother of mine, he’s a thinker. Unless I’m talking with Matt (biologist extraordinaire), there aren’t many conversations where cognitive dissonance, Stockholm Syndrome, and testosterone trials come up in conversation. But unlike Matt, we’re not talking about his big brain or what he did up at the smart-kid school in Sunnyland.

He mentioned my Things You Need to Know... blog and how I left something off. Allow me to summarize a little bit of info and paraphrase what he said:

My brother has muscles on top of his muscles, is as fast as a ninja, can bend himself in all sorts of unnatural positions, is as smart as a whip, and is capable of being as cruelly calculating with his words and actions as I can choose to be.

As for my sister, she’s one to also look out for. She has that same cruelly calculating streak, the ability to charm you until you’re unsuspecting, this deceptively bony body that can beat all sorts of ass, and an uncanny ability to avoid police prosecution when it’s unduly called for.

Now add to it that they’re crazy about me, as protective as any bigger (literally) brother or sister, and will not hesitate to feed you to the bears at the Houston Zoo if you fuck with me.

Good news: I am now certified in CPR and first aid, so you might have a chance of survival.

Bad news: I blanked out there for a while, so I might blame that for any lapses in judgment during treatment, and take refuge in the Good Samaritan laws.

In other words: Watch out, men. The Keena siblings will squash you if you hurt me.

Have a good day. 

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