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Social and Nervous Fluttering

2007-01-17† Ė† 3:32 p.m.
Iím having more social activities in the next few days than I have in this entire book-reading, nose-blowing, weather-eschewing month, and itís already pumping warm Texas-like blood through my veins. Iím by nature a very social creature, and I tend to shrivel and wilt and subsequently forget this when I sequester myself.

Tonight I have a dinner with the girls. Itís a tequila-tasting party with the chef throwing together fancy appetizers and a family-style dinner and dessert. The last time I attended this event, we somehow ended up in Boystown afterwards, and there might or might not be a cell phone photo that got sent out of me holding a very large, hot pink vibrator. Such is the way events go when thereís tequila involved.

Ask Jamie and Officer Tony about my first Margarita Tuesday, ahem...

Anyway, after tonightís ridiculousness, my Thursday is filled with something Iím very excited about. Body Works 2 is coming to Chicago, and thereís an invite-only exhibit reception that has my name on the list. The friend who invited me said that since Iím giving the thumbs down to men right now, I might as well return to my money-grubbing ho ways and mingle with donors and doctors.

I kid, I kid.

But the event sounds like fun. I get to dress up, wear pearls and heels, talk with strangers, and see the exhibit without shelling out $30 and standing around with tourists shouting, ďI see his balls!Ē

On Friday Iím attending a fundraiser for the American Lung Association with many of my fabulous chorus friends. Itís a house party with a cover, and the hostís company has agreed to match anything chipped in. A good cause and good company really canít be beat.

As for Saturday, I have dinner plans near my house with some people I havenít seen in forever. These low-key weekend events are perfect since Iíve gotta get my butt in gear on Saturday and Sunday for long runs.

Iím meeting the fabulous Nadine both afternoons (itís too cold to run in the morning) to run. Iím not too concerned with the seven miles on Saturday, but Sundayís follow-up of 11 miles is giving me a little panic. Itís not that 11 miles is especially daunting, but my eyes are unnecessarily bugged out about it. I might have to do the 11-mile run is first just to get it over with and make me not be such a whiner.

Do you think itís a sign that whiner and wiener have so many similar letters?

Speaking of being a wiener, Iím doing something a little out of the ordinary in two Sundays: Iím auditioning for a singing role in the upcoming chorus show. Iíve got ďAudition for something,Ē written on my list of things to do, so I might as well cross it off in a place where theyíll smile and nod at my efforts and then never ever tell anyone or me if I stank it up.

I can audition for dance parts all day long and not give a blink to it. Iím completely confident in my slightly-above-average abilities there. If thereís a dance form that I donít already know, I know that Iíll pick it up in mere moments without issue. If they need something hip-hop, Iím shakiní it. If they need something flow-y, Iíll be all bendy. If they need anything Latin-based, I have hips that donít lie. But you want me to sing? *gulp*

Ah well. If I get a part, at least no one can accuse me of sleeping with someone for the role. †

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