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Uke Class #2 and How Netflix Got Me Thinking...

2006-03-07† Ė† 11:45 a.m.
Last night was ukulele class #2. Itís kinda disappointing. I was hoping to be hideously bad at this. Alas, itís once again something that Iím picking up quite easily.

Sometimes itís so hard being the talented one. And the pretty one. And the funny one. And the smart one.

I kid, I kid. However, itís odd how I have no experience in stringed instruments whatsoever, and Iím plucking along just fine. Of course I only know three notes at this time. I shouldnít be so smug. There are still six more weeks to see how it continues to go.

However, Iím totally rocking the song about a hula girl from Waikiki. And I can now even tell you what the Hawaiian words in the middle of the songís verses mean.

Aside from class, I spent the night with Netlflix. I quickly abandoned the DVD on the Dalai Lama. I find his enthusiasm and laughter infectious, but this DVD was too serious for me. I did get two interesting points from the thirty minutes I spent reading subtitles, but that wasnít enough for me to keep reading/watching.

I followed up that with Murderball. Holy crap was that interesting. I kept the DVD for another day so I could finish watching the Special Features section. I never watch the special features, so you know this is amusing.

The quick summary: Quadriplegic men play wheelchair rugby.

I often wondered how Iíd handle things if my world got turned upside down. Being someone who prides herself in being in control and not needing others, suddenly being confined to a wheelchair and without full use of my arms would be an absolute nightmare.

However, after watching this movie, it shows that not all quadriplegics are like Christopher Reeve -- what Iím sure many of us think of when we think of quadriplegics. Merely having impaired mobility in all four limbs (extreme in some cases, less extreme in others) qualifies you as a quadriplegic.

There seems to be a few rough-and-rumble athletic activities available to people with disabilities, and they really are no-holds-barred and provide a true competitive outlet. I donít think that would really give me the push Iíd need to be happy in the immediate months after such an accident, but it would be a nice distraction and a way to meet others who have been through something similar after my initial shock wore off.

I guess you take what you get and learn to make the best of it. Iím highly resilient and adaptable to my situations, so maybe I would get along just fine in a wheelchair. Thereís no telling, but for now Iíll make full use of my legs.

Tonight is the womenís running group I met last week. I hope to do whatever the longest mileage is that they run. I could really use something to really shake the dust off.

Happy trails to you... Until tomorrow.†

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