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In Houston

2005-11-27 7:06 p.m.
I splurged. I just spent $9.99 for Internet access for my laptop at the Marriot at Intercontinental Airport.

At noon I arrived for my 1:45 flight. The attendant asked if anyone would give up their seats for a free roundtrip flight to use later in the year. Knowing that I could get on the 5 oclock flight, I ponied up my seat for the taking.

I paid $320 to fly home for Thanksgiving, so I might as well get a little something extra for the expense.

By time the 5 oclock flight came around, it was also overfilled. I went ahead and gave up my seat so someone else could get home at a decent hour. Again, I got another roundtrip flight comp-ed.

Im so so nice to have given up my seat, huh?

Well, here I am in my freebie room, about to go downstairs to the restaurant for my freebie meal before head to the freebie Jacuzzi and then sleep until my 7 a.m. flight to take me home tomorrow. Ive already let the people at work know that I was going to be in a measly hour late.

So now for my original $320 Ive got a flight to Houston for the holiday, two roundtrip vouchers to go to one of the 8,000 graduations and weddings Im attending over the next year, dinner at a hotel restaurant, a stay at a fancy hotel with little bottles of Bath and Body Works aromatherapy products that Im most-definitely going to steal on my way out.

It was well worth the wait, even if Im exhausted from my day of waiting. And that is exactly why I deserve to splurge ten bucks on Internet access to my room.

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