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Keep It Light, Keep It Bright, Keep It Gay!

2007-03-19 4:56 p.m.
Im looking at my calendar for the week, and all but one night is full. Breaking it down even more, only one of those nights with something going on doesnt involve a gay man. I was thinking about this last night while at a gay bar, wondering how it is that this group of guys has come into my life so easily and become such a large part of my everyday.

This week is already shaping up nicely. Tonight B and I are heading out to run errands in the Gold Coast and follow it up with dinner. Tomorrow I have a girly dinner that undoubtedly involves tequila in celebration of Margarita Tuesday. Wednesday is dinner with a gay man. Thursday is drinks with another gay man. Saturday is the Kathy G show in the burbs with a room full of gay men. And Sunday wraps up the week with more gay chorus fun.

Im just waiting to use the line Im the princess of Boystown... because we sure as fuck know that Im not the queen!

I kid, I kid.

I know Im not a hag or a hanger-on with the guys. I just really and truly like them, and they all seem to like me. I get invited to house parties, bar events, and shopping trips just like everyone else in that social group. I get hugs, cheek kisses, and friendly waves just walking down the street.

I rather like this group of friends. Some outsider can always step in and say that Im seeking attention from a so-called safe source, but isnt that what friends are? People who like you for you, are genuinely happy for your wins and bolstering during your losses, and would cut a ho who hurt you?

Bring it on.

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