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Fine. Just Fine.

2005-12-14† Ė† 4:20 p.m.
Iíve been doing fine.

Iíve been holding my breath and letting it out slowly.

Iíve been repeating that heís clearly nuts.

Iíve been crying slightly in only the places where I choose to let it go.

And come to find out, after all that, Iím not doing so fine after all.

Thereís a difference between running away and running off for a bit. Iím choosing to be gone for a bit.

Work isnít throwing a hissy about me working away from the office for so long, so Iíll be calling the airline for some changes, packing a bag and Hambone, and then heading to Dallas to be with my best friend until after the New Year.

Iím sure Iíll be here reading and writing stuff, but I wanted to just give a little insight to whatís going on with me right now.

Take care all. Iíve got only a couple more days until Iím exactly where I need to be.†

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