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Post-marathon Immunity, Making Plans, and Drinking Margaritas

2007-04-05† Ė† 4:30 p.m.
Post-marathon, I always forget about the hit to my immune system. Ugh.

Today I look awesome: My sunburn is peeling, I have an ever-expanding fever blister, and I am just starting to get a cold.

Now add to it that at 2:30 I went pee and noticed that I still had my post-shower hair. You know that really messy bun where you tie your hair up haphazardly and donít worry about the bumps and whatnot because youíve yet to actually fix your hair? Iíve been walking around for six hours like that. I rule.

But despite everythingís thatís wrong, Iíve decided that Iím going out for margaritas immediately after work.

Viva la margarita!

With exception to the marathon itself, the rest of the weekend was exactly what weekends are made of: friends, BBQing, random shopping trips, and just hanging around. I wish I had a house or a party porch so I could host those sorts of things. My little slice of outside isnít quite big enough for more than the grill, a jug of moonshine, me, and Hambone. Even then, Hambone gets bored and goes inside.

Ah well. Something to look forward to with moving, right?

LA plans are shaping up. By that, I mean that I refinanced my house.


Okay, maybe not celebrate. But this is just one the steps needed to ready myself for the big move to LA.

Yes, you heard me right. LA is in, and Ft. Lauderdale is out.

Besides the warm weather reason that I previously explained, I also have another requirement. Because of the line of work Iím looking to get into in the next 3-5 years, I need to make as much money as possible to ready myself. I have LA connections to viable sales-type positions that will better set me up for the career I actually want. In Ft. Lauderdale, I donít.

The end.

Sorry Florida.

Itís kinda odd, going around the table at dinner a couple weeks ago. Everyone claims that theyíre getting outta Dodge before all too long. I donít buy it, but itís nice to know that my friends are thinking about making it easy for me to visit some really nice places. Denver, southern Florida, upper Florida, and New York are all places Iíd love to visit. Too bad Iíll be too busy selling things during the day and learning to surf ten minutes from me house, driving one hour north to picnic on a vineyard, and carrying on with my general bas-ass-ness to ever want to leave California -- ha!

It took me a while to make friends in Chicago, but Iím confident in my abilities to make small talk, answer ads on Craigís List, and scour MySpace until I make a few connections here and there. Also, with the work connections being handed over, their social connections are also coming my way.

Bring it on.

Well, off I go. A pitcher of frozen mango margaritas is calling my name. †

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