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We All Need Goals

2007-04-11 9:03 a.m.
One friend sends a weekly celebrity trash email where she finds photos from the week and makes snarky comments on them. Its quickly become a Friday favorite of mine, and last weeks edition gave me an idea.

My goal in LA is to date a C-list celeb so I can make it into a paparazzi photo. Then my friend can write in her weekly mailer that Im looking FIERCE. (Guess what my new favorite word is...)

I think C-list is pretty realistic. A-listers are too busy with each other, and B-listers are trying to land an A-lister to help with their careers. With the C-lister, I can date someone pretty who has plenty of free time.

And on a semi-related topic, is it wrong that when I move to LA, I want to date Tom of MySpace?

Just checking.

Let him know that I have him on my radar. He knows how to get hold of me.

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