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The Jo of Your Life

2006-03-27† Ė† 7:43 p.m.
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Itís been such a blur since Iíve last written.

Two weekends back: A sports bar for the NCAA tourney was hit up a couple times. I went shopping and scored a flirty skirt, a going-out shirt, and a sweater that I got loads of compliments on when I wore it yesterday.

Monday: I borrow a friendís truck to move some stuff. I havenít driven regularly in about three years, Iíve never driven in the city, and I havenít driven a stick shift regularly in... well, ever, so it was amusing to see how that went. I stalled the truck only once, a mere few blocks from where I started, so it was acceptable. My strong, proud woman card wasnít revoked.

Tuesday: I met up with some friends for dinner at Red Lobster. My condoís security guard was supposed to come with us, but her car broke down. If you havenít eaten at Red Lobster lately and think that the novelty is something youíd enjoy, Iíll save you the $80 and say not to go there. Hit up Joeís Crab Shack instead. Their fried stuff is better and cheaper than Redís fried stuff. I also watched some Nashville Star, and I had to laugh when this weekís episode was inundated with ads for Red Lobster. I guess advertising worked on me since I didnít notice a single ad for Red the previous week.

Wednesday: I got shit done around the house. When you live alone, it narrows down pretty quickly to who has to be the one to do stuff. [sigh]

Thursday: I had a long choir practice for my upcoming show.

Click that picture to purchase a ticket to watch me sing, dance, and be on top of a pyramid.

When I got home that night, I made the executive decision not to go to sleep. Seeing that I donít get any shut-eye until nearly 2 a.m. each night, making it to the airport for a 6 a.m. flight would mean that I got about 1.5 hours of sleep before I promptly ignored my alarm and missed my flight.

My door man looked at me a little funny at 3 a.m. when I came downstairs fully dressed with my freshly washed hair combed and makeup on.

Friday: I caught the red eye to NYC to visit my friend Catie-dids. Much like the time I went on vacation with Crowhihs, I had yet to meet Catie-dids before I showed up to her house.

We lounged around the house for a bit before changing into our workout gear and grabbing lunch on our way into the city. We met up with her awesome friend at her work, and her friend and I went running in Central Park while Catie went to the gym. We all got cleaned up and headed to dinner in the Village with another friend.

The night was spent drinking copious amounts of stuff that makes you do silly things. However, the decision to go out as we did was not made under the influence of anything:

Yes, Iím wearing an afro wig.

We stumbled home at about 3 a.m. after our fabulous evening out.

Let me recap the lack of sleep: Wake up at 8 a.m. on Thursday. Work all day long. Catch a Red Eye flight on Friday. Run 4 miles in Central Park. Shop a lot. Go out all night and act like a damn fool.

Somehow I got up at a decent hour the next morning, only to shower and then repeat much of the previous day. (Sans the wig. It needed some serious Febreezing.)

Tonight I again skipped ukulele lessons in favor of getting some Internetting done. Iím about to head to the running store to grab my racing uniform and then probably get some sushi in the neighborhood. Iíve got to squeeze in a run sometime in preparation for this weekendís first race of the season.

Hereís to hoping that sucking on Sunday will sucker me into not sucking later in the season!

Gínite, all. Happy Monday. †

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