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Tunnel (Vision) of Love, Bastards, Catholic Badge, and Personification

2006-04-06† Ė† 5:51 p.m.
Mmmm sushiiiii. A friend I hadnít seen in a while and I went out to dinner two nights ago. Thereís little I like more than sushi and good conversation.

He asked if I ever had a moment where I saw someone across a room and had one of those TV moments: tunnel vision, your heart beating to the music, time stands still, etc., and it reminded me of the time I met the boyfriend before Benito.

I walked into a random bar to appease a friend, and it was a total wind-in-your hair moment when I saw this guy. Believe me when I say I can play it cool; Iím a playing-it-cool dynamo. No sooner did he look up and reciprocate the glance did my friend shout, ďI call him. Heís mine!Ē

And that was the end of that.

I ended up talking with a guy who was only there for a few more days for a conference. He took my number and invited me to dinner with his coworkers the next night.

The next night I showed up to dinner, and lo and behold, the guy my friend called as hers the night before who was the object of my temporary tunnel vision was the guyís boss.

Ka-pow! Instant fireworks!

We ended up together on and off (mostly off) for about eight months, until I met Benito. I think Iíve talked with him twice since then. Benito trumped tenfold whatever it was that the other guy and I waffled with.

Speaking of bastards, Iím really curious how men keep getting themselves entrapped in underage sex busts. We read all of the time about this. News TV investigations are exposing tens of dirty rotten bastards who speak lewdly to children online and then follow the kidsí instructions to show up, bring beer, and be naked. Itís hard to claim that you were there to merely check up on the kid in a dangerous situation when your pants are left in the garage and youíve got a 6-pack under your naked, hairy arm.

I think there should be a COPS spin-off show where all they do is go from city to city and show these sting operations. If nothing else, maybe itíll put the fear in these creeps and keep them from doing this sort of thing.

Ya know, if being a decent human being isnít enough motivation not to be a sick fucker...

Last night was my final confirmation class before I become a card-carrying Catholic.

I really wish they did give out a card of some sort. Perhaps a badge... Then I could go around and flash the insignia and make outrageous claims on behalf of the millions of Catholics worldwide.

Something tells me they wouldnít appreciate me being their representative. Singing in a gay menís chorus is alone enough to get some peopleís panties wadded up. Letís completely disregard the occasional episodes of premarital sex, the admitted excessive drinking, the anger I feel that two men or two women canít celebrate their legal union without the government stepping in, and the belief that stem cell researchís harm outweighs the benefits it could potentially provide.

So be it. Iím no poster child.

So much so that after class was up, I went out to a bar with friends to watch a gay man sing some Sinatra...

Shit, is there anything one group I am the quintessence for?

No matter what it is, Iím sure itís a lot of fun.

Happy Thursday, all.†

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