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Singing, Dancing, and Gym-time Prancing

2007-01-23† Ė† 4:09 p.m.
Because Iím auditioning for a singing role in my upcoming chorus show, I had a voice lesson last night. It was pretty neat to watch someone I donít know in a professional capacity go to work. Fifteen minutes of noise-making, five minutes of flipping through books and making photocopies, and the remaining bit of the hour explaining how to sing things and not sound like I donít know what Iím doing.

Overall I was pretty impressed with my ability to belt it out and how high my notes can go. Usually I just jack around during the singing portions in chorus, and itís not like anything is sung high up since none of the guys go there comfortably.

Keep your fingers crossed on Saturday at about 3:51 CST. All Iím aiming for is to go into the audition and comfortably sing something without feeling like a complete fool.

I donít need to land a part. I donít even need to be a back-up singer. All I want to gain from this is the nod of self-approval that I did what I said I was going to do.

I have a dance audition on Sunday. No can of beans there. I was told to warm up because there are a few moves in the advanced portion that will remind me that Iím no longer 22 years old. Iím pretty dang confident that Iíll end up doing something snazzy there -- no lesson of any sort needed. All I have to do is take care of myself after Saturdayís long run, and all is good.

This past Saturday I headed to the lakefront to meet Super Nadine. We had an 11-mile run planned, and we headed north from her boyfriendís house. I donít know what was up, but I just couldnít get into it. By time I hit the 5-mile marker, I had already stopped twice to cough, wheeze, and walk. We parted ways here, me heading back to the starting point, and her off and continuing to be super.

The next mile I did a walk/run combo, still not shaking whatever it was that made me feel so crappy. This was also the point that I noticed that my water bottle had ice in it. But then there was a sudden about-face where I forgot about the cold and my aches, and I settled into a comfortable pace that carried me the last few miles to the place where I could get off the path and hitch a bus back to my house.

At that point I told myself to suck it up and continue running toward home since I initially intended to cut my run early. Some careful steps through lots of ice on the shaded part of the path, a quick stop at Navy Pier to refill my water bottle, and I kept on going.

When I hit the turn-off to my house, I stayed on the path, saying that one more mile was called for. One mile out, a mile back, and a mile to my home finished off my run right at 15 miles.

Whenever I hit double-digits, I always feel like a rockstar. But when itís a day where I do significantly more than I was anticipating doing, itís a feeling of automatic invincibility.

Granted, it took a cool bath, plenty of Gatorade, and three hours of napping before I felt human again... But Iím happy to report that there are no ill effects from Saturdayís outing.

As for todayís ill effects, Iíve had entirely too much Diet Coke. I donít usually drink anything besides water, blue Gatorade, and calcium-fortified orange juice, so Iíve got a good case of the shakes. When my eyelashes involuntarily bat a little crazy, it makes me giggle. This will work out well for tonightís dance class.

I donít think Iíve yet mentioned my Tuesday night Latin Grooves gym class. The teacher is this spunky little chica who pops into the studio and immediately begins shimmying. She puts together a few steps at a time, and we end up with a minute-long dance routine. Everyone just gets down and shakes what their mamas gave them, and I love it!

It doesnít do much for me as a workout, but itís fun. Usually I do my scheduled running before class, dance for 60 minutes, and then run a bit more since Iím already there, sweaty, and would just be going home afterwards anyway.

Well, Iím just about off. There are four miles in the chilly wind slated for today, and thereís no use in procrastinating. Gínite all. †

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