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So Much to Say, So Much to Say...

2006-01-12† Ė† 11:33 a.m.
When Iím now the boss of things and working a number of overtime hours, thereís significantly less time to do things like write diary entries. Now, if youíre going to pay me a pimpís wages to write you the occasional entry, so be it.

When Iím out-and-out bummed, the way I handle things is to be as busy as possible. So bear with me. This could be a long one.

On Friday I wanted to keep things low-key, so I went with my friend Happy to see Brokeback Mountain (a.k.a. The Gay Cowboy Movie, or GCM for short). My review on GCM is so-so, as there was no karate or explosions. I didnít mind getting up to pee, knowing that I likely wouldnít miss anything too pressing.

They loved each other. It was sweet.

They couldnít be together. It was sad.

Donít get my tastes wrong in my not thinking this was as great a movie as others herald it to be. I just didnít feel it through most of the movie.

So be it.

After the movie, we walked to grab a couple beers. I talked with a nice geek who talked science with me all night. We had a geek-off, and he won. Alas, I do not deal with negative sound on a daily basis. Nor did I just get mentioned in Newsweek for putting together a tech project that helps people displaced by natural disasters.

In other news, my dad is building a semiconductor in his spare time.

Speaking of my dad, someone told him the secret to life, and it seems that Iím giving it a pretty good attempt.

I spent much of Saturday working from home. Thereís not much there to report.

At five I walked over for mass, and I again thoroughly enjoyed it. I need to work up the nerve and just go ask about the classes and be done with it. For some reason, whenever Iím there, Iím suddenly an extreme introvert. Anyone who knows me knows that Iím on the opposite side of the spectrum.

After being all holy, I went all holy cow and met up with girl friends at a very bad bar where I danced like crazy and stayed out way too late. A good time was had, and I stayed in bed for as long as I could the next morning.

Again with that working overtime thing. Blah.

That night I had an audition for a choir, and things went well. I hadnít sung in front of anyone in ages, so that was a little scary. I donít think I sounded like absolute poop, as they accepted me as a choir member. My Sunday nights are all now occupied with something Iíve been looking forward to for a long, long time, and that pleases me to no end. Iíll let you Chicago people know when show time approaches.

After singing it for a stranger, my friend Oz and I went to a cabaret show put on by a friend of ours. I didnít know what to expect, but it was an enjoyable way to spend the evening. If nothing else, we both got to reconnect with the performer, who we hadnít seen in ages.

I came into work on Monday with a full inbox. One friend had a snippet in her email with a Craigís List link, asking if this was me. Sure enough... I got a Missed Connection.

The previous Thursday I was on my way to meet up with a friend for a rockabilly show when a guy with luggage started chatting me up. I talk with strangers. No big deal.

Ends up the guy was getting back from cheering on the University of Texas at the Rose Bowl. He talked football, and I talked back. He got off a few stops later, and that was that.

Apparently someone overheard our conversation, put in his two cents, and then offered to take me out for gin and tonics.

Itís kinda fun to have that published, but no, he wonít be getting a returned message. I donít know who this guy is (besides being M and 30), and Iím not going to meet up with any olí eavesdropper from the el.

After that odd coincidence on Monday, I was recognized on Tuesday by someone who occasionally reads my daily drivel. I went to Walgreens to buy a snack, and someone I passed was on her way to Starbucks and knew who I was. I got a friendly email soon afterwards, and we exchanged emails here and there for the rest of the day.

That night I went to a condo meeting about all of the upgrades to the building. A pump for this. A switch for this. Sealant for something else. Blah, blah, blah. However, weíre getting new carpet in the hallways. The one I voted for won, and the thin red crap will be replaced shortly.

Besides that small victory, I had several annoyances in the hour-long meeting. From a couple bringing their screeching kid to the meeting, to the old woman who commented on everything, to the one who asked which carpet would best hide dog pee... I was definitely read to get outta there by time the voting was over.

I headed back to my unit and got a phone call from my parents. A few weeks ago it was a bladder infection that turned into a blood infection and a week-long stay in the hospital. Now I think itís another bout of dehydration that landed her back there. For some reason, standing up alone seemed like a good idea, and she fell and broke her hip.

So after the recent nasty infection and her current problems, she isnít exactly the best candidate for surgery. However, no surgery would be continual, excruciating pain. In the words of Ben Folds, ďIt sucks to grow up.Ē

I havenít gotten word past that she went into surgery that night.

I harbor no illusions that sheís going to be okay. Iím actually shocked each time she bounces back from something like this. Yet she keeps bouncing.

So weíll see how that goes...

On Wednesday I broke up the workday with a bit of jacking around. After all of the OT, I needed it.

I had ďlunchĒ with Catie. This involves going to the same eatery, coming back to the office, and making a phone call to chat while she eats at her desk in NYC and I eat at my desk in Chicago. I highly recommend it as good times.

Soon after the lunch high couldnít carry me through anymore work, I got a phone call from a friend who just returned from India. In a surprise of all surprises, he announced that he was now a married man.

I was pretty sure that he was pulling my leg, as there was little chance that this man would ever pass his confirmed bachelorhood. Alas, my questions were answered. Heís indeed a married man now.

I now need to head to their home to teach her about how to keep that man in line. Iíve been doing it since we were 15-year-olds, so I know a thing or two about how he ticks.

Many happy years and blessings to R and T.

That news and a promise of a phone call carried me through the afternoon some more. And then I arranged to meet up with she who recognized me yesterday. (I donít have permission, so Iím not linking her diary quite yet.) She ended up being cool in the few minutes we had together. The Starbucks in our building isnít exactly conducive to sitting around and chatting, so our time was limited. Thereís a happy hour in our future, so Iíll get to know her better then.

I then went on a covert mission to locate some crazy tech stuff on a lower floor, hoping to find something a la Minority Report that I had heard about.

Did I mention that my dad is building a semiconductor?

After working for as long as I could without being late, I met up with Oz, the cabaret singer, and her girlfriend for dinner at PF Changís. I gorged on tasty tofu and broccoli, and the conversation was good too. Whenever I see these two women, Iím amazed by how warm they are. Throw in Oz to that, and itís wonderful.

When I got home I watched some Netflix and vegged to the point that I donít remember about an hour. By time I finished glassing over, I remembered to call my friend who just got married for the full scope.

Having just watched Bride and Prejudice, I felt somewhat prepared.

I kid, I kid. Something tells me they didnít break out into song and dance in quite the Bollywood splendor...

The phone call lasted well into the night, and I spent the early morning hours reading.

And that brings us up to today where I merely have plans to eat the next two meals with others.

Happy Tuesday, all.

You didnít de-lurk, jerk.

A very small percentage of you signed the guestbook. Actually, it was equivalent to only those who check during the 9 a.m. hour. Do me a favor and just sign to say hi or drop me an email. I donít bite.

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