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Fake Springtime, Poor Jo, MySpace, and the Past

2006-03-31† Ė† 4:13 p.m.
Spring has sprung, but donít think that Iím about to fall for that one. Itís nearly 70, but I know tomorrow will drop nearly 30 degrees and leave me shaking my fist at Mama Nature.

Thatís just how Chicago is.

This week has once again gotten away from me. A friendís b-day party. Church class. Out for sushi and bubble tea. Nothing worth noting, although the sushi was delish.

As for tonight, Iím running out of options. One friend is in Wisconsin. Another is in the burbs. Another is in Vegas. Another is going to a live show. Another isnít answering his email. Another is playing Golden Tee with the guys. Another is attending a get-together I donít want to attend. Another Iím hanging out with tomorrow night and the night after.

Can we all say it: Poor Jo!

To get my mind off of things, Iíve punctuated my workday with browsing MySpace. I never understood what people meant when they said they were addicted to it. Iíd by no means ever describe my interest as such, but I am amused by the people Iíve found on there.

A guy I once had a crush on now lives in Madrid, and he smokes.

Admitting this now makes me feel like a stalker, but whatever. Donít tell me that you havenít looked up people you formerly knew.

On the other hand, I donít look up people Iím getting to know. Take heart potential baby-daddies. Iíd rather not know your past.

Now that TBS reruns Sex in the City episodes, I occasionally grab an episode. The first one I saw in the edited way was the one where Carrie wonders if she needs to know about Bergerís past.

Iím in the camp that says that your previous business is your previous business. Past behavior is no indication of what youíll be like with me, and Iím willing to give you a chance.

But, really, I make a good point here. I once said to a history teacher that studying history because ďhistory repeats itselfĒ is useless because there are always different variables. Maybe Catherine Zeta Jones really is awesome enough that you wonít want to give into your sex addiction. Maybe Tuesdays make you too tired to fight, so you stay (albeit complacently). Maybe youíre ready to settle down and Mrs. Conveniently-right-here is indeed conveniently right there. Maybe Osama bin Laden found Jesus and is turning the other cheek.

Whatever it is, thereís always going to be a possibility that things donít turn out exactly as they previously did.

In sum: If youíre a jerk, Iíll find out soon enough. †

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