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The Week in Review

2006-01-06† Ė† 4:54 p.m.
Dammmmn, girl. You must have a lot going on if you havenít updated in this long.r

Yes. Yes, I have.

On Monday I took it easy with unpacking and washing clothes and whatnot. Happy to be back in my home, I snuggled with my Hambone. My friend Happy came over for dinner and TV. As soon as she left, I was a good little resolution-er and a bad knee patient, and I strapped on my running shoes to lose some ass and enflame the knee that hurt so much previously and then mysteriously stopped hurting now that my doctorís appointment loomed.

The run on the treadmill was fine. I didnít do much when compared with where I was a few months ago (naturally, as one who is running a marathon runs a lot...), but I did enough to either prove that I didnít need to see no stinkiní doctor or that I needed to buck it up and head out to the hospital and put a smile on my face while I was there.

All was fine, and I went to the doctor anyway on Tuesday afternoon. My doctor ended up being awesome. If youíre in Chicago and your knee hurts, Iíll gladly hand over her name and let you sit annoyed for a long time in her overcrowded waiting room. When you meet her, you wonít be annoyed anymore.

X-rays show that thereís nothing torn on my knee. No tearing = no surgery. No surgery = I get to keep working out if I take certain precautions. Special insoles. Not being a maniac when it comes to running. A little physical therapy here and there. So on and so forth.

On Tuesday night I ventured out to meet some girls I got in contact with through the Internet. Yeah, it was initially a little weird to know that I was meeting strangers in a bar. However, everyone turned out to be quite nice. Two girls ended up pretty awesome, and weíve been emailing each other. Iím quite pleased with this little group, and there are plenty more activities to attend where I can meet even more people. Weíve already made plans for this Saturday, and it should be interesting.

I haven't been to this particular bar in ages... And only when it was *really* late in the night... When nothing else was open... When I might have been so drunk that I shook my fine J-Lo ass like you wouldn't believe... Or something like that...

But The People spoke, and The People wanted to dance, and this booty-shakiní bar it was. I can at least put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it while there.

Anyway, while at the dinner we went around the table and gave a quick intro of ourselves. People were pretty amused by my upcoming ukulele lessons, my joining the Chic@go G@y M3n's Ch0ir, my teaching GED math classes, my upcoming certification for screening poor children for glasses, my writing a book in a month, and my springtime coaching middle school girls for a 5k race while running lots of races myself.

Yes, I'm crazy. And, yes, they all asked why it was that I was still looking for things to do. Ha.

On Wednesday I was supposed to go to a football-watching party, but I forgot. It happens. I just received some packages that I shipped from Texas, so I was busy going through those. I was on the treadmill for about 30 minutes when this guy came in and asked if he could change the TV to football.

Sure thing, whatever. Iíve already seen this episode of DUM DUM (a.k.a. Law and Order).

So he turned the station, and Iím looking. Oh, those sure are some white uniforms. Thereís a little bit of orange on there too. Oh no! Iím missing that get-together.

Oh well. I had a good run, and I unloaded all of my loot from the holidays.

Last night was non-stop. After work I went home to unload the final holiday box. Knowing that I was on a time crunch, I headed out to the running store for some new insoles, per the doctorís advice. I successfully convinced the guy who helped me to give me a discount, and then I walked half a mile to the grocery store.

I loaded up -- and I do mean loaded up -- on tons of food. On the way out I ran into a friend I hadnít seen since before April since she oohed and aahed over my hair short. We vowed to catch up next week since we work near each other, and I scampered off to the bus to get home.

Once home, everything got put up, I made some dinner, and then I headed back into the cold in prettier clothes to a once-a-month rockabilly jam session. It wasnít my scene, but I hung out with a friend and met a nice person who offered to show me around his real estate office. If nothing else, now I know what the monthly event is all about, and I made a new contact.

For some reason there was no sleeping last night. So I read a book and a half, programmed the heart rate monitor my dad got me for Christmas, and dilly dallied around until 3:30. Knowing that was ridiculous, I laid down and rested for a few hours before the sun was up, the house was chilly, and I had to get up for work.

To compensate for the baggy eyes, I look super hot today. Go me!

Midday I met up with a new friend who I met on Tuesday night for some Jamba Juice goodness. Damn, I love me some Jamba. I also love skipping out on work in the middle of the day when things are getting hectic and I need a breather. Iíve been in need of a good breather in the office for quite a while, and this was much appreciated.

In a few Iím off to the gym with my friend Happy for a kick-your-ass bootcamp class, and later weíre going to the movies to see Brokeback Mountain.

Iíve got a shit-ton of stuff planned for this weekend. Looks like youíll have to wait until Monday to hear all about it.

La la la.†

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