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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Whatever

2006-03-10    1:16 p.m.
Tuesday night I met up with the local running store’s women’s running group. My understanding of the group is that it’s mostly beginners who are trying to get into running. I was expecting this to be an easy run -- five or so miles at a lolly-gagging pace.

Boy was I wrong.

The group I chose to go with pushed me like crazy. I kept up, but I was certainly feeling it through the run. My first race of the season is fast-approaching, and I need to really get the lead out. Ugh.

On the upside, this group seems like fun. If nothing else, they log my miles so I can earn group-related prizes. Only a few more weeks before I get a dry-fit t-shirt!

The rest of the night was spent at the Hard Rock Café. One of my girl friends got fed up with her corporate job, up and quit, and then got a job waiting tables there. She’s loving it, so all is good.

I got some pink lemonade and a sandwich. And since she was really slow, I got a good amount of time with my friend to catch up on what’s been going on with her.

I spent the rest of the night in the shower, stretching out my sore muscles in the hot water.

On Wednesday I took off after work for a fabric store in the Loop where I bought iron-on letters for a t-shirt and talked with the store’s owner about that’s night’s upcoming finale of Project Runway. I wish I had any reason to go into that store again since the guy seems nice, and I’m all about supporting businesses run by nice people.

Jet home. Eat something -- anything -- for dinner. Catch a bus to church class to avoid the rain.

The class was unfortunately pretty snooze-worthy. Enough said.

Project Runway finale. Oh Danny V, I love you. I loved you work. You know why I love your work? Because it looks just like the things I buy from Banana Republic. Unfortunately, there’s already that store. Go work for them instead of being a designer on your own. I’ll buy even more of their stuff if you go there.

Good work, Chloe.


Last night I went to dinner with some people from work. Some big-wig is in town for two days, and they wanted someone who could carry the conversation to join the group.

Stone crab legs. Blackened mahi mahi. Mashed potatoes. Asparagus. Creamed spinach. Gin and tonics. Red wine.

Yeah, I ate fish and crab. Get over it. It doesn’t happen often, so let me occasionally enjoy it.

Ya know, with that death and dying and floundering and stuff. Ugh. Scratch that. No more fish.

Tonight is a low-key night. I’m just having dinner with a friend and then going home.

And I won’t be drunk-dialing London, as I did last Friday. I just found out that my cell plan doesn’t cover calls made to other cell phones, so that calls that should have been 4 cents a minute are actually 26 cents a minute. Fuckers over at Sprint.

Saturday will be spent being Irish and drinking lots of Guinness with the beer reps themselves. And then Sunday will be as restful as I can make it before heading out to chorus practice.

I hope everyone’s weekend is a good one. Hopefully I’ll have something more to write besides a run-down of my day’s events after this weekend. 

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