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Donkey Kick to the Face

2007-03-15† Ė† 4:08 p.m.
Plain and simple: I feel like I got my ass kicked.

Yesterday was my first of three dentist appointments to pimp my grill. This one was way more invasive than I imagined. For over two hours I tolerated burning flesh, chipping my tooth out one itsy-bitsy piece at a time, and trying not to punch my dentist every time she said, ďmy boyfriend -- whoops! -- I mean my fiancť!Ē

Under the right amount of Novocain, I can handle burning bits of my gum off and chiseling, yanking, and grinding my old, fake tooth off bit by bit. But under the right amount of nothing do I want to hear about how sparkly your ring is, how much you love your schmoopy, or how many kids you want to have.

Bitter? Maybe.


So today I have a bit of a burn mark on my gum line and a Chiclet sitting front and center. Itís really not all that bad, but the residual pain from all of the whittling away at my fake tooth has my nose feeling like itís broken. Hence the donkey-kick title of this here entry.

One month from now I go back to the dentist to get fitted for two new teeth, and about three weeks later, Iíll be sporting the new grill. Between the time that I get fitted for them and the time that I get them, Iíll have two Chiclets and will be seen both parentally and internationally.

My folks are finally both making the trip down to Chicago before I jet outta here for sunnier skies and warmth on my bones. Theyíre taking multiple days off of work to do whatever there is to do in this town if youíre only here for about a week. Since I have a chorus show over the weekend that theyíre here, Iíll be taking the days off of work to spend hanging with them before I go to rehearsals all night.

Then at the end of their trip here, Iím heading to London to visit with my friend Becky. This involves even more time off from work. My hopes are that Iíll come back from nearly two weeks off, no one will remember me, and Iíll head home and collect paychecks until work realizes the error.

Hereís to hoping, anyway.

The plans for LA are currently up in the air, as another idea has been planted. I chose LA because it fits my requirements and because Iíve got a good connection to easily make friends and find a pimp-worthy job. There are lots of places that fit my requirements, actually: be warm most of the time, have a beach, have a nightlife, and be somewhere that I can afford to live on my current salary.

Last weekend my girl friends headed to Ft. Lauderdale to visit our favorite Natty. Now theyíre gung-ho moving there. And since that matches my requirements and includes people who I already know and love, why the hell not? I can have my powder blue VW Bug with a grey convertible top there just as easily as in LA, I can learn to surf on a different ocean, and -- shit -- I can write a check right now for a down payment on a decent condo there.

Bring it on.

Saying that I live in Florida might not be as sexy at saying I live in LA, but Iíll lie and say Iím in Miami since itís close enough anyway.

Go get me a tramp stamp, my silly little car, and a job that I also donít have to particularly care about, and Iím up for it.

And now itís time to stop with the daydreaming and head outta here. Into the 33-degree evening. Waiting for the snow to fall. And my face aching. †

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