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An Old Entry Revisited, Working, and Where the Heck I've Been and Where I'll Be

2006-02-23 9:00 p.m.
Remember this entry?

Right-click that. Open it in new window. In the paragraph that begins And you know what makes me... replace blue-eyed with brown-eyed, and say that I was invited but had to decline lunch because of work. Continue reading the old entry until the last paragraph. Resume with the following:

I had to decline the lunch date because of work, but I will see him at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Now that thats out of the way [sigh]. Im not sighing over what I said above. Im sighing because Im so damn tired. I have every intention of writing each day, but the day slips away. I figure if I go to sleep at midnight and wake up at about 3:45 I can squeeze everything I need and want to do into my days.

Tonight I bailed on my GED math class. There was no way I could get up there and back and still get everything done at work. Next week I have training on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to orient me for the job Ive held for the past 2.5 years, and I have to hand over my responsibilities for this project to a very big boss. Its not that I dont think shell do it fine... Its just that I have a hard time relinquishing control. Im the boss of this, so Im especially protective.

Interpret that how you wish, psych majors.

Last Friday I had a get-together at my house. Everyone behaved, and we all had a good time. The results were that I got asked out by one guy and set up with another. Kinda odd how that works. I have no reason to say no, so be it.

Im having sushi on Saturday with someone who dresses well, gets along with everyone, has lots of hobbies too, writes thank you notes, and shows up with fancy chocolate to my silly get-togethers instead of the beer and cheese doodles that the rest of my friends bring.

I was talking with someone on MySpace about how I want a guy who will eat corn dogs with me for breakfast. Im pretty certain that this guy isnt that type. When he farts, it probably sounds like a symphony and smells like peonies. Sheesh! Even roses are too plebian for his gas.

So, yeah. Roll with it. Well see what happens. I can guarantee, however, that I wont be like the Year of Yes lady and marry a 50-something with two teenaged kids.

Im really looking forward to tomorrow night. Im having another girls get-together like I did last Saturday. The GNO can all be summed up like this:

Meet at XYZ Bar because its near the el. Drink a couple beers. Say, Hmmm, lets go down a few doors. Find out there are $5 martinis. Drink one. Tell friends about new boy developments. Drink another. Tell the joke I read in Maxim: How are martinis like boobs? Ones not enough and three is too many. Drink another. Tell friends what they should be doing with their lives. Drink another. Tell one boy Im talking with that he should come here. Drink another. Tell another boy Im talking with that he should could here. Realize what Ive done. Realize that Im very drunk. Take a free shot anyway. Tell friend that her husband is the greatest. Remember that Im really drunk. Answer phone call and agree to go to dance club with a guy and his friends. Show up the dance club. Immediately hail another cab to go home.

One small amendment: Were starting at the $5 martini place.

So there. Thats what Ive got going on tomorrow night. Im sure there will be more to tell later.

Happy Thursday. One more day til I put my thang down, flip it, and reverse it.

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