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2006 Resolution

2006-01-02    12:42 p.m.
A few days before Benito and I split, I wrote some resolutions. The first was Benito-centric, talking about what I’d like to accomplish with him over 2006.

Scratch that one.

The rest were action items, reminding me to get out there and see something to completion. I have so much on my back burner right now that has potential for enjoyment. I just need to get it started, or I’ll never see what there is to see with it.

I can set myself action items all I want. They aren’t really resolutions, though. A resolution would be “Seek more enjoyment” or “See something through the end”. And although checklists work especially well with me, that’s not what I was looking for as I reevaluated my resolutions for 2006.

Having spent the past two weeks with Astral -- my best friend who knows exactly when to speak up, when to touch me, when to tell me to suck it up, etc. -- we made the same resolution with the theme that cashiers have noses too.

Yes, I’ve lost you there. Let me backtrack for a second.

When’s the last time you went to wear some lingerie and said, “Nah, I’m saving it for a special occasion”?

Or you avoided using the good China because it wasn’t a holiday?

Or you saved the good perfume for parties only?

Isn’t it about time that we change our views on everyday life and see that each day calls for some celebration?

I bought $98 worth of underwear because it feels good to wear. I got two nightgowns that make me feel like the sexiest woman alive. I bought wine glasses that made me smile, and I’ll use them with any liquid -- not just the vino. Heck, they’ll likely see plenty of tasty wine even if I have no reason to crack a bottle open. Oh, perfume... I’m now wearing this sexpot Italian scent that I’ve been eyeing for a few years and just never got around to buying because I already had other stuff.

So now I’m dressing up more often without reason, including something sparkly or dangly in the mix. The plain night shirt is staying in the drawer. There are enough wine glasses for me and a few friends to drink from each night without having to worry about running the dish washer. I have a few bottles in the wine rack that are a bottle opener away from being cracked. And that perfume that makes me want to do myself is being worn without abandon.

Because cashiers have noses too. Let them enjoy it.  

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