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Just an Average Entry

2004-09-30† Ė† 5:35 p.m.
Today hasnít amounted to much. Iíve had some horrendous work with this latest project, and itís completely fried my brain. Instead of working diligently on those documents, I had to take several sanity breaks to read some Internet. Fifteen minutes of Internetting sometimes does a body good.

Oddly enough, pulling off of my use of that milk slogan, I read a good amount of animal welfare stuff today. Health reasons, environmental reasons, cruelty reasons galore! I even found some faux fish recipes to try out before my little brother comes to visit over Thanksgiving.

Have I not yet mentioned this? My baby brother (the eventually-gonna-be-famous baseball player Kyle Keena) is flying to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with me. Both of my parents are working and heís got a week off of school, so weíre gonna take advantage of this time and pal around.

Benitoís crossing paths with Kyle at the airport, so itís likely that weíll take over one of his game systems while heís gone. By then Iíll likely have a TV in my house [gasp!], so we can play Britney Dance Beat against each other. Likely Kyle will just take over with his baseball games, but whatever. Iím still working for much of that time.

Other than hanging out, who knows what weíll do. No matter what, Iím sure itíll be fun.

In other Kyle-related news, guess who turned 17 yesterday? Leave his guestbook some belated love, will ya?

So... What else is going on?

The cell phone is about to be switched to Sprint. My phone from 2001 is on its final leg. The lock feature has officially stopped working, leaving my phone open to dial anyone at any time. Seeing that free nights and weekends donít fall between twelve hours of the day, Iíd be s-c-r-e-w-e-d if it dialed anyone during peak hours. Iíd be doubly screwed if it somehow called China.

The only issue with switching over to Sprint now is that Iíd be giving them money for the benefit of them losing out on my continued business. $150 to get out of the contract. Bah!

However, it seems that a new phone would run me around the cost of $100 anyway. And if you think that Iím pleased about giving them $50, youíd be wrong.

AT&T, I was so pleased with you until your store clerks at the 168 N. State Street store were dishonest about my previous purchase. A customer of four years, lost! All because the employees at the 168 N. State Street store in Chicago, IL wanted to bilk me out of $200 for another phone after misleading me on the quality of my previous purchase.

I ask the phone customer support folks what my options are, and they routinely say, ďYou have no options.Ē

Well, I actually do. Itís to pony up the $150 ($50) and switch to Sprint.

$50 it may very well be. And you can bet that Iím not happy about it.

What else today?

Donít eat meat. Do wish my brother a happy birthday. Donít use AT&T if youíre choosing a plan.

Oh yeah. Something else. My hits have increased quite a bit in the past few days from a referrer of However, when I go to this site address, thereís nothing there. The whois registry also isnít much help in determining who might be linking to me. So if you know what this is, would you kindly inform me of where you 20 or so folks are coming from and how Iím referenced, it would be much appreciated.

All righty. Iíve gotta run. Iím currently battling a sandwich shop and their false hours posted on their flyers, so time is of the essence. Iíll detail this adventure in a later entry. †

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