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NaNo, the Blues, and Some Benito Bragging

2005-11-02† Ė† 5:46 p.m.
Yesterday started the National Novel Writing Month, and I got a slight jump on things. Before heading to Benitoís house for dinner and sleep, I wrote my first chapter. Itís a measly 1,282 pages, so I need to find a way to lengthen it and then move onto the next chapter. Iím supposed to hit 1,667 words per day, so Iím already a little behind.

Once I head home Iíll have about 30 minutes to write as much as I can before one of my friends comes over for some dinner and TV watching. Usually my friends who stop over for such get treated to some sort of vegetarian goodness that constitutes as homemade food, but tonight sheís getting pasta in a bag and some salad from a different bag. So be it. Sheíll enjoy my curried lentils and green beans some other time.

As soon as the time change hit Chicago, I too was hit. Iíve got this overhanging melancholy right now, and Iím trying to shake it.

I have a boring job, but the people and the workload are both fine. It doesnít hurt that Iím also riding the gravy train -- TOOT!

I have good friends too, but everyoneís so spread out as the years pass. This isnít poor commentary on the people I love in Chicago by any means, but itís just different to have your good-good friends around more than just occasionally. For instance, I love me some Oz, but we just donít meet up often enough to get my friend-friend fix. Itís not his responsibility to drop his life to hang out. (Or anyone elseís -- Iím just using him as an example of someone I love whoís rather near but also so far right now.)

Iím missing my long-time friends like crazy. I got a card from Nairobi yesterday. It didnít have much to say, but knowing that someone literally halfway around the world from me was thinking of me affected me. Iím losing another friend to the UK (although I havenít seen her in ages anyway), and my very best friend is still a three-hour plane ride away. Ugh.

Okay peanut gallery. Letís hear it: Pooooor Jo.

Iíll shut my whiny ass up. Iíve got a job that more than provides, people who love me like mad, and a boyfriend who kicks all sorts of ass.

Speaking of which, I really wish I could reveal what he does for a living. The project heís worked on since we met is tearing it up, and I want to brag. No, I donít want to brag about what a rockstar Benito is. (Oh, but he really, really is!) But what heís worked on and for over the past two years is just so amazing and wonderful and all that and deserves some sort of shiny sticker validation. Iím amazed at the things heís accomplished yet how down-to-earth he is about his success. I love him 8,000 times for that.

Of course, itís not too hard to list reasons I love him.

Okay. Iíve got to cut this short. I have a friend coming over soon for dinner, and Iím still at work. I also have 2,052 words to write (the daily 1,667 plus 385 extras to make up for last night) and on out-of-town Benito to call between now and bedtime.

Gínite all.†

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