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Back to School

2003-04-24 11:09 a.m.
Oh goodness... What have I gotten myself into?

I'm sitting in my neighbor's livingroom with her laptop, writing a 7-10 page marketing evaluation on the strategies and effectiness or contests, sweepstakes, and games as promotions. Where's my freaking MBA???

At the ripe hour of 9 a.m., her sister was knocking on my door. I stumbled to it, looked out the peephole and told her to go away.

"Just let me in for a second..."


"Really. Just let me in."

"No. I'm naked."

"Yasemin is having nervous breakdown [sic]."

Well, I like Yasemin. So I put on a robe and cracked the door open about three inches. Before I could stop her, she was in my apartment saying that her sister was crying, crazily upset that she had to go to work and that her grad school paper was due, etc, etc, etc.

Yes, I'm a softy.

I told the sister to go to work, got a bagel and some apparently-rotten cream cheese, and sat down to write her paper for her in exchange for all the fruit I could ever eat and probably $50 or so.

Here's real question: Do I write the paper in broken English, or do I just write it like any other MBA student would and chance her getting caught for not knowing what the words "allegiance" or "commonplace" mean?

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