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Liars and Cheaters

2006-08-08    5:17 p.m.
I’d really love to know what it is about me that attracts liars and cheaters.

Now before you go opening your mouth, saying that there’s nothing wrong with perfectly-good me, I know good and well that I’ve got nothing wrong going on. I’m just getting miffed that there’s been a disproportionate number of men lately who act like they’re pursuing something with me, only to have someone bust them for having a girlfriend.

Take for instance this first guy. Back when I first got on MySpace and changed my status from “In a Relationship” to “Single”, he was one of the first to write me. He didn’t say anything creepy, kept it simple, and was attentive enough to keep me interested, yet not overly attentive to where I questioned if he had a life outside the Internet.

All was going well with our daily back-and-forth. He’d tell me about his weekend, ask about mine. We’d try to make lunchtime plans since our offices are nearby, and then things would fizzle with one of us on the day of. Since it was both of us calling it off, it wasn’t anything to be concerned with.

Then one day I notice that his MySpace has changed to In a Relationship. Hmmm, what’s up with that? Yes, I have a girl friend. I just know that she isn’t the one for me, and I’d kick myself if I didn’t at least talk with you. So be it. The end. Why would I date a guy who even writes letters to another girl while calling himself my boyfriend?

The next guy was an absolute clusterfuck. There’s no other way to put it. I can’t go into details here because there was an instance of the girlfriend thinking I was the one to blame in the situation.

If the guy asks me out for the weekends, calls me at night, IMs me during the day, and emails me without a peep that she exists, how am I supposed to know?

Anyway, that all went down. I now see this guy on occasion and have to roll my eyes at the entire situation. I like his friends, so that’s where that stays.

Over the weekend in Vegas I met a guy. I know, I know. What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas. People are whoever the want to be. Things happen. It’s not like I saw a white dress and a picket fence in the future, but I shouldn’t find out after an entire evening passes that someone’s got himself a fiancé and that his friends are going to bust him on it.

So on Monday I started thinking about the people I’m currently dating here in Chicago, and I went onto MySpace to look them up for a photo and to possibly add them to my friends list.

[Insert non-psycho music here.]

Because I swear that when you go into something with non-psycho intentions and then have to start clicking around, you shouldn’t be labeled a psycho girl.

Now, if one of the guys you’ve been seeing for a few weeks was indeed on MySpace, and you got a little giggle off his photo, rolled your eyes at his goofy sense of humor on the page, passed the In a Relationship status, and his favorite -- OH WAIT! Back up one. What was that?!

Yeah, you get there. Now you tell me that you wouldn’t click through a few of his friends to see what was up with that.

Boys are dumb. They don’t think of things like changing their In a Relationship status on MySpace unless they’re using it to pick up women. I get it. It happens.

However, when you click on one of his female friends and see that she is also In a Relationship, that she loves her [insert identifying information here] boyfriend, and see a picture of them together on vacation in her photos with a date stamp from three weeks before you met him...

Yeah, I’m no dummy.

So I was talking with a protective guy friend of mine, and I forwarded her page to him with my concerns. My “You’re not gonna believe this shit,” was met with a “You’re not gonna *fucking* believe this shit,” as his friend knows her.

If he wasn’t on his way out of town immediately after I forwarded it to him, I’d have gotten a sooner answer from the mouth of the friend. Alas, I have to wait until Friday to hear anything back. And until I hear anything, I need to hold off on being angry or letting on that I might or might not know anything. I’m not gonna give him a chance to lie his way outta this when waiting a few days will give me all the info I need for a proper confronting.

So yesterday I’m taking a walk when my phone rings. “Hey sweetheart. How are you recovering from the weekend?” Twelve minutes of conversation pass. “See you tomorrow, honey.”

I kept my cool. I have to remember Innocent Until Proven Guilty, and then remember that it’s just a couple days until I get my full info. We’ll see how tonight’s happy hour goes... 

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