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The Strong Man Eats A LOT

2006-12-24    12:48 a.m.
I took my brother out to eat tonight, and I felt like I was watching the eating contests that ESPN 2 runs during late-night programming.

He consumed 1 order of garlic shrimp, 2 teriyaki chicken breasts, 2 California rolls, 2 bowls of rice, 4 pieces of sushi, and some steamed broccoli.

I was initially amazed and amused, and then I was in absolute awe when I remembered that I made him eat a snack before taking him out to eat. So before all of the shrimps, chickens, rolls, bowls, sushis, and broccolis, he had an 8 oz steak, some spinach, and a can of peas and carrots.

Good god can that kid put it away.

Prior to what on-paper looks like a binge of massive proportions, he and I hit the gym. While I was doing my little bench press with the barbells, bringing the entire weight to a whopping 30 pounds, he had 120 pounds in each hand. How friggin’ ridiculous is that?

Between working out and dinner, we were watching the strong man competition on TV, and I was trying to convince him to throw away this silly baseball mumbo-jumbo and go for the real glory in being a champion strong man. How fun would it be to go and watch my brother lift and toss Ford Festivas?!

Okay, okay. It’ll be fun to watch him toss a baseball too. Especially if I have a personalized t-shirt announcing that I’m his proud big sister. Muahaha. 

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