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A Thinking (Not Feeling) Entry

2006-01-27† Ė† 4:42 p.m.
Today is brought to you by Dayquil, so bear with me.

Iím taking this opportunity to write about nothing in particular because that previous entry says a lot and has been up for way too long. It does a pretty good job of summing things up on my end, though. Add a few hysterical wails in there, and youíve got it.

Now add to it that Iím sick as all get-out. I havenít left work early because of sickness since late 2000, but yesterday I left at 12:15. Iím currently not sleeping, but it felt good to bundle up on the couch and do nothing for several extra hours.

My voice sounds like a drag queenís, but I certainly donít look as glamorous. Itís no good.

Last night I put on some pants and ventured out to Walgreenís for some food, and the lady who works the front desk in my building said that everyone was getting a bug. Another lady in the lobby said her daughter caught hers last Sunday and was better by yesterday, so hopefully this will pass soon. Itís seriously starting to blow.

Iím wavering between being really frigginí cold and really frigginí hot. My dad called last night at an especially pitiful moment, so now heís concerned that Iíve got pneumonia and should be in the hospital. The Dayquil is making it so I get along with merely a cloudy head, so thereís no reason to be concerned.

Hell, I even executed a nice stock trade yesterday that brought me up to making 50% of what I put in that account. Go me! My sickly sell-off netted me a good amount. Hospital, schmospital. This is nothing that another day or two at home, feeling sorry for myself wonít fix.

While Iím thinking of it, my brotherís web site got a new guestbook because the previous one was crapping out. Please go sign it with something nice. Heís a good kid. His web page has been taken over by my best friend Astral, so there should be some more updates, photos, and videos soon.

Well, Iím gonna leave it at that. Iím sure youíll get some more Pitiful Jo entries later. Many thanks to everyone who signed the guestbook or sent me an email about it. Youíre all very sweet.†

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