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Random Email Exchange

2007-02-28 3:20 p.m.
I was flipping through some old stuff and came across an email exchange from this past summer. I met this guy in a bar early last year, and we hung out that night.

By hang out, I mean that we hung out. I'm not *that* kind of woman.

We didn't exchange information, and it wasn't a big deal. A few months later I ran into him at a Wrigleyville bar, and he gave me his card and asked that I contact him.

I was bored the next day at work, so I shot him an email.

The following is what words were exchanged. I'm the one with good grammar, correct use of punctuation, and stellar spelling.


Barcelona last night. Rockit and Rock Bottom previously. I am recalling more and more of the first night when your friend chatted up my friend, and I know you're nothing but Trouble.

Yes, with a capital T.

Work is getting a big thumbs down today. Anything amusing on your end?


Trouble!!!!! Far from it...I'm a nice young irish catholic conservative republican (with a very bad propensity toward mischief).


I think we're twins. But you're still trouble. T-r-o-u-b-l-e.


If we're twins, that means you're trouble too...what sort of trouble do you like?


I fight crime, not contribute to it. I have the cape and superhero underroos to prove it.


I'd love to see those underroos!


In the past two weeks I've foiled a liquor store robbery and ran a marathon. I need to find something above and beyond impressive this weekend to keep the cape and underroos. If I don't find something by Sunday, I have to return them to the authorities. You might just miss your opportunity to see said underroos.


Impressive indeed! Do drunk hookups w/ boys named [Name changed to protect the slutty] allow u to keep ure underoos? Cause if so, I'll be out tomorrow night...


[I ignored the message until the following Monday, having completely written him off as a prospect at this point.]

The authorities took everything, including the cape. Bastards.


Ohh - I'm sure you could earn them're a clever gal use that female charm!


Silly me. I signed away all rights in exchange for a Klondike bar and a box of Slim Jims.

I'm going to a wedding in the burbs on Friday. If the preacher doesn't show, I can always perform the ceremony thanks to my ordination from some Internet church. If you hear about a newly-caped wedding official and a chloroformed priest in Carol Stream, keep quiet.


Your secret is safe w/ me...although I'm not sure how you come up w/ this stuff!!


I at least answered the age-old question of what I'd do for a Klondike bar.

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