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Family Over the Fourth

2007-05-20 8:53 p.m.
I was looking around for airfare to visit my extended family for our yearly get-together. I initially considered flying into Philly, renting a car, and palling around the stomping grounds for a few days. But then I wizened up and looked up airfare into Long Island so my Uncle Pete and Aunt April could instead shuttle me to and from. Cheaper airfare and no rental car needed -- score!

I had no idea, but airfare to their dinky airport is only $39 each way. Had I known this before my sweet Catie left the Big Apple, I'd have flown there, taken the $7 train into the city, and spent lots of time with her. After all, the afro wig begs to be worn!

Back to point: The family reunion. I was telling a girl friend about it, and she asked what my family was like.

Oh geez...

I think everyone I know should attend my reunion once. Last year I took Joy, and now she fully understands my madness. With this in my genes, occasionally a little crazy is gonna peep out. That being said, my family reunion is a good time.

Everyone descends to a small town outside of Allentown, Pennsylvania, home of my now-retired Aunt Jo and Uncle Rich. It's not that there's particularly much to do in Larry's Station, but the weekend is fun nonetheless.

The cornfield alternates between being grown and being in recovery, and this year of replenishing nutrients means that I won't be hiding in the fields with Anthony and Dawn, throwing stalks at Jimmy and Michael as they pretend that they aren't sharing a joint. However, I'm sure we'll still manage to steal wood and light up a bonfire in the backyard, sharing a bottle of Pepe Lopez as we also share gems of knowledge like how a woman can pop a squat (ahem, pee) without pulling down her pants.

They're loud, they're crass, and they've all got dependency or anger issues... but they're fun. That's my crazy family, and I love each and every one of them!

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