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Five Items (Plus a Repost) and Five People

2005-12-21† Ė† 11:26 p.m.
Iíve not been tagged, but I read something interesting on TranceJenís site today. And since Iím not over-sharing in the main aspects of my life right now, hereís a quick list of five things I have never admitted in my journal.

(1) I want to date a celebrity. Just once, Iíd like to go out, let him pick up the tab, and see what the hub-bub is all about. In all actuality, Iíd likely pretend that I had no idea who he was (and probably have no idea, in truth), just to perpetuate the allure and fantasy of it all.

I actually made a semi-attempt at this the first time Benito and I split, as one of my friends had slept with a Chicago Bear. Theyíre not on give-a-guy-a-call-to-set-a-sista-up friendly terms, so I have to see what I can do through my other friends.

If anyone knows anyone semi-famous, hook me up while Iím still single. You never know how long this will last.

Ball players of any sorta are especially encouraged to apply since Chicago has two baseball teams, a basketball team, a couple hockey teams, and a football team. Any of these guys are a-okay, just as Derek Jeter, et al were that night I met them pre-Benito but while I was on a date with someone else.

Please repost this part of my blog on yours. Surely someone knows someone who can hook a sista up and make for a merry frigginí Xmas.

(2) My biggest fear is something happening to my brother. Itís not to say that I love anyone in my family any less, but heís been the one Iíve been afraid for since 1988, when he was barely a year old.

Oneís parents are expected to die before them. My sister has lead a rough life up until nearly 2 years ago. My brother, however, have been the golden child who could do no, see no, and hear no harm.

Heís invincible, and that perspective kills me sometimes.

(3) I donít think anyone understands just how much my cat Hambone means to me, and Iím slightly embarrassed by it. There have been times that I thought about how if I didnít wake up the next day, no one would be around to feed him.

Iíve gone so far as to add him to my will. (I understand that heís technically personal property and would require something more along the lines of a bill of sale for transfer of said property, but heís still in my will, given to Benito, oddly enough.)

Iíve thought about it recently, and how Iíd likely get a tattoo (something Iím opposed to in the highest sense for myself) if he were to die. That, and getting him done as an action shot in taxidermy.

(4) I once ran a webpage that got over 15,000 hits per day, and it wasnít porn.

I really enjoyed running as JoeyPea, but my credit card was stolen the same month that my payments were due, and it was too much of an inconvenience to contact each service provider and renew the information, that I just let it go.

It was something I enjoyed doing, but it did take a lot of work. For everyone googling BottomQuark, take heart that I was just worn out. I got no help with it, and that was that when the financial windfall was less than convenient. The $20 a month to host and the occasional domain fee wasnít a problem. But when you make what I make in a real job, itís hard to justify spending an hour of that time per day to writing tech and science news with no real pay-off.

(5) I make a big deal out of everyone elseís birthday, but mine is of little significance to me.

Each birthday Iíve had, Iíve had a good time. Donít get me wrong. However, I just donít see it as anything special.

I love the notes. I love the comments. I love the gifts. And oh how I love the party...

However, my birthday just doesnít bring happiness to me in the way that sharing in othersí does for me.

Maybe 27 will be my year. Weíll have to just wait and see.

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