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See It In My Eyes

2005-12-25 11:50 p.m.
Ive seen Christmas through the eyes of a child today, and theyre generally tear-filled eyes. I dont know whats up with these rug rats, but they never shut the fuck up.

I want juice. I want Daddy. I want another ride on the Big Wheel. I want some more attention.

Well, I want you to knock it the hell off.

After trying to take a single photo where my cousins and I held a few of the kids and smiled happily for the holiday, I had to flee. Im seriously about to lose it, so Im sitting in what used to be my bedroom with the door locked, far away from the mouths of babes.

On the upside, I got in a verbal war with a five year old and won. That was one pissed off kindergartner. Luckily hes got a reputation for being a whiner, so I can feign ignorance when he says that I said the word Shit.

Im sealing off my Fallopian tubes, and I encourage you to do the same if you arent going to have perfect little angels or plan on letting them out of the house before they're 12.

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