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Speaking in Tongues

2008-02-07    5:47 p.m.
No update in a long time
Might as well do it by rhyme
A limerick it is
Though no poetry whiz
This butchering is no crime

Infection by Internet ho
My computer is no mo’
Got a bug on its drive
Big thanks, Symantec Live
A pain in my ass fo’ sho’

Amnesia by way of gin
Hopefully avoided most sin
Certainly talked too damn much
Ass of myself and as such
Should have eaten more din

The next day’s charity race
Punched me square in the face
26 minutes, my time
Smelled stench of lime
Massive hangover was the case

Been working like a slave
In my home office cave
Will stop working for the man
By the time I can tan
Then notice can be gave

Each night lifting a lot
The rockinest bod is sought
The tush is tighter
And the body is lighter
My efforts aren’t for naught

Ready to test the fates
But still no promising dates
Patience to employ
While looking for a boy
Good things for the girl who waits

Crap! It’s now past five
Time to kick it back to the hive
I don’t work for free
That’s just not me
I’ve got an evening full of jive

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