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I'm Leaving / On a Jet Plane

2005-12-15† Ė† 6:45 p.m.
Todayís truthfully been up and down. After much trial and tribulation, I got my airfare stuff settled. Originally it was looking like my flight to DFW instead of Houston would be about $600 once I got Hambone on the flight with me, and hearing that was quite upsetting.

I make good money. Iím fully aware of this. However, I didnít get to a point where I could buy a house at age 24 because I did things like blow $600 on airfare. And no matter how good it would be for my mental health, I knew I couldnít part with it.

After talking with a great agent at Continental in Houston, we came up with a great way to get around stuff. So now Iím on a $200 ATA flight (plus almost as much for Hamboneís fare) and have a $200 credit toward a later Continental flight.

Hold me back for a moment... Charging $150 for Hambone to fly with me is absolutely ridiculous. I have a friend willing to take care of him, but Iím not going to leave that responsibility with my friend for an entire two weeks. Ham is my cat and my responsibility. If I was gone for only one week, Iíd have no problem with said friend being inconvenienced. (As Iíd do the same for him...)

So let me get this straight, airlines... I can bring a screaming kid on a plane for no extra charge, but to put a sedated cat under my seat costs a minimum of $150?!

Iíll take a cat over a screaming kid any day of the week.

But all is said and done. I have the perfect flight to and from my destinations. I have a rental car reserved for the short amount of time Iím in Houston. My head and heart feel so much better knowing that I have my best friend since the fifth grade so excited that I invited myself to stay for a rather sudden and extended trip.

I get multiple emails from all over the world. I get three-hour long calls from a friend in New York. I get a box of feel-better-soon oranges from ooh-la-la locations. I get guestbook entries wishing me well. Friends pick up the phone while watching movies with their boyfriends, packing for an international move, and with two rambunctious children in the background.

How friggin lucky am I?

And then I wonder about Benito and how men donít really reach out to each other and how itís also not his style to seek help. I feel for him. (A little.) He -- and most of the world -- doesnít have half the support group Iíve got.

Iím constantly amazed by the number of people I have figuratively following me around with GO JO! signs.

Iím heading home for a ruby red grapefruit.

Thank you, all.†

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