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Much Like the Priests...

2006-10-27† Ė† 4:52 p.m.
Goodness. It looks like itís time to talk politics. If you want happy fluff, go back one entry, because this is likely to turn into a rant.

You have been warned.


Liberal talking heads are predicting that the Republicans will lose several seats in the mid-term elections due to the Foley sex scandal. Why has no one pointed out that merely being Republican doesnít make anyone guilty by association?

Itís said over and over again that zealots for any group donít dictate the actions of all similar people. In a culturally applicable situation, we arenít supposed to let the actions of militant Muslim groups influence how we feel toward all other Muslims.

And yet, because one Republican likes to talk dirty to children and another might or might not have covered for him, weíre supposed to distrust all other Republicans?

Why in this case is guilt by association allowable, nay, encouraged? Are we really the sort of country where we canít get the two majority parties to work together? Are these two parties really all that different, to the point where squabbles break out and linger because of anything more than loyalty to a made-up ideological dichotomy?

Donít we all want good healthcare at affordable prices for all citizens? Donít we all want good schools that prepare our students for whatever paths they choose? Donít we all want full bellies, HIV-free blood, safe neighborhoods, jobs that allow us to take care of our families, and the ability to take part in influencing our governing bodies?

Really, isnít that what we all want? Look at me with a straight face, and say the following: ďIím pro-cancer. Let it ravage those who are stricken.Ē Thatís just not going to happen.

While I understand good and well that both sides have similar (if not the same) aims, itís how we solve these issues that truly divides us.

Iíd like to think that adults with the same goals and differing ideas could work together to find a way to accomplish something---hell, anything. Alas, Iím asking too much from a group of people who encourage voters to swing a particular way based off any negative spin they can muster.

If you vote in the upcoming election, may you not be swung by a partyís intentional push. †

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