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Mister, Vacation, and the Upcoming Weekend

2005-06-24† Ė† 2:28 p.m.
Well, you wonít get to hear about anymore dates with Mister. I weaseled out of the goodnight kiss again, since I know itís just not gonna happen.

Heís too young. He likes dogs. Heís going back to school. He hunts.

Oh yeah. The big one: Iím just not feeliní it.

I need that witty back-and-forth banter. I need someone who does more than smile during the quiet moments. I need someone who can hang -- intellectually, socially, and physically. You have to keep up.

This particular Mister is quite a catch. Your mom would be proud if you took him home to dinner, as heís as good-on-paper as they come.

Good job. Good looking. Good manners. Good guy.

Allow me to repeat: Iím just not feeliní it.

I swear to you all, myself, and anyone whoís never read this site in their entire lives, this really and truly has NOTHING to do with meeting up with Benito on Sunday. Iím keeping the two separate, knowing that theyíre two entirely different situations that merely affect how the other is handled.

If Benito and I hook it back up, yes, Mister would definitely be gone. In a heartbeat. Make no doubt about where my preferences lie.

If Benito and I decide not to work things out, and Mister was someone who I wanted around, Iíd keep him around.

But it looks like I donít have to worry about that now. And for this, Iím thankful. Mister will be pushed to friend status no matter what goes down on Sunday.

And thatís that.

(Oh geez... I just got a phone call. If I were interested in the guy, this would never happen in a million years... He just called to ask me to lunch today and also to run after work and also to see what was going on this weekend.)

Moving on, now...

Istanbul! Istanbul! Istanbul!

Can you tell how excited I am?! The hardest part about this trip will be waiting until the end of August to finally go.

I emailed the friends that Happy and I are staying with, and theyíre all excited too. This is going to be ridiculously fun!


This weekend is a packed one, as many of the upcoming ones are.

Tonight Happy and I are keeping it chill, making dinner at my place, walking to the running store for her to get some shoes and for me to pick up my race packet, and then walking to the movies for a showing of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The next morning Iím up bright and early to meet my friend Oz at the Proud to Run race. Afterwards weíll play it by ear. Iím hoping to scope out at least the outside of his new place since weíre nearby... But thereís also a festival going on. Whatever heís up for after, Iím up for.

Then itís time for a shower and a nap. Seriously. confirms that itíll indeed be nearly 90 when I run the race tomorrow. What is this, Houston?

Later that afternoon Iím heading up to the beach as friend-in-tow as Happy meets a boy sheís not too sure about. Safety first! Not only is she meeting him in a very public place, sheís also taking me with her. I guess all of my kickboxing, yoga, and running is handy.

So if youíre a random reader whoís meeting a girl this weekend at the beach and youíre suddenly boxed in the ears and see someone small scampering off, you know it was me doing silent yoga poses to sneak up on you like a ninja, the kickboxing four-punch combo to knock you on your ass, and all the running to get me away quickly. Watch yourself, ya hear?

Other friends will join us there as the day goes on, and weíre ending the day at a friendís house for a BBQ.

This is what a Chicago summer is made of...

The next day Iím going to try to squeeze in a short run, an hour-long mass service, and return some clothes and shoes that I changed my mind on. And Iím going to try to get all of this done before I meet up with Benito.

For those of you who have expressed concern about any anger I have toward him, donít worry about it. Iím as calm as they come right now. Iíll hear him out, respond, and weíll see if thereís common ground to work toward. Itís going to require some compromise, creativity, and being totally upfront and honest with each other, but weíre two very reasonable people who both think and act rationally, even in emotional situations. Iím confident that weíll find some resolution that works for both of us.

In other positive and healthy news, I just updated my RealAge profile, and Iím 17.1 instead of my actual 25.7 years old. Iíve bettered myself by almost three years since the last time I updated. Working out more actually does something! Yahoo!

On that note, have a great weekend everyone!†

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