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Benito, Mister, and a Much-needed Vacation

2005-06-23    4:28 p.m.
This Sunday Benito and I are getting together.

What? Did I not mention that?

Having no clue to what Benito’s got to say or how things are heading, I’ve got a predicament with Mister.

(Yes, I’m dropping the pseudonym to just Mister, as I really don’t care to mislead anyone on anything. He’s just a pleasant man that I’ve hung out with in a group a couple times, had lunch with yesterday, and am running with tonight. No big deal. Don’t go off naming babies, ya hear?)

So now, here’s a little backstory:

The first time Mister drove me home, I ran from the car to avoid the impending goodnight kiss. Seriously, I was Speedy Gonzales out the door when he started with his “It was nice meeting you...” spiel.

“Yes, you too. See you soon.” [scamper, scamper, scamper]

But on Sunday night he wasted no time with words and planted one on me quite unexpectedly.

On the lips. No monkey or tongue business. Short and sweet.

I again pulled my Speedy “Arriba!” and got outta there before he noticed that I was a nervous geek.

I don’t need to lead someone on when I know good and well that I’m a relationship headcase right now, admittedly in love with a man who beats the pants off all others I’ve known previously.

But I also don’t want to blow this backup in case Benito shows up merely wanting closure. (In that case, please walk slowly so the door hits you on the ass as you exit my condo.)

But really, I’m trying not to worry about this. I’m going to enjoy my evening run and happy hour, ignoring the impending upheaval that will occur on Sunday. No big deal.


Now, onto more exciting news that I’m hoping will carry me on a cloud until Sunday’s meet-up...

On Saturday August 27th at 5 o’clock in the evening, I will be settling down on a plane for a good 10.5 hours, next to my friend Happy, drinking the plane out of gin and tonics (for me) and vodka tonics (for her), en route to ISTANBUL!



My ex-neighbor’s sister is getting married that Friday night, so they’ll be there the entire week relaxing and getting ready for the big day. Since they’ll have an open beach house with plenty of available beds, Happy and I are taking full advantage of having free housing and people who know what’s what in a completely foreign land.

We booked our ungodly expensive, nonrefundable, nontransferable airfare today. So that’s that.

Yes. It is taking my mind off of things quite nicely.

I now have to write myself a snappy little jingle about how Happy and I are going to rock Istanbul like mad for an entire week so I can pull it up at any time and instantly boost my mood.

La la la.

$2 says that it’s just a re-do of They Might Be Giants’ song. I’ll see what I come up with... Any help is appreciated, of course. 

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