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Not Horrendous

2005-11-03    4:58 p.m.
The other night when I talked with Benito about my first chapter coming along nicely, he asked for my opinion on my writing’s crappiness. (No, he’s not being rude. He just knows that you can’t write a masterpiece in the sort of time NaNoWriMo allows.)

My reply: It’s not horrendous.

If there’s ever been a dustcover quote more lovely, I don’t know what it is. My book about an adulterous wife is simply “not horrendous”.

I’ve changed my mind about letting others read, as this story is going nowhere at a rate that is quite embarrassing. However, here’s a quick snippet from the first chapter:

In frigid November you would assume that all taxi stands would be overly crowded and ready to take a jilted (and now tipsy) wife home for another sexless evening. But that was not the case at the Grand Pomba Hotel. Without a taxi in sight, I turned to walk north, knowing that I’d eventually hit a taxi with its vacancy sign lit and would at least shave a couple dollars off my bill by walking in the right direction toward home. After paying Joey’s quite-generous tip on two glasses of woody alcoholic goodness with my own cash, saving myself a couple dollars would be a nice bonus.

However, such was not the case this evening. No taxis crossed my path until it was too late. By then, an ambulance was the transportation I most desperately needed.

So there.

I have to change for kickboxing, so I’m outta here. I’ll go ahead and make a joke that I’m saving all of my writing for the novel.  

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