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Search Engine and Taxes -- Fun-fun!

2003-04-16† Ė† 11:15 a.m.
You know youíve made it to the big time when youíre getting hits from search engines.

My first one:

ďof him peeingĒ

Who knows what in the hell that Yahoo user was looking for, but I hope he was at least entertained by pictures of Hambone popping a squat.

So I got the olí taxes finished at noon yesterday. I submitted them online. I sure hope they got there okay. What are they going to do? Take away my measly refund?

Shit. That little check GW sent out earlier in the year was more than what my return was. I had no school to write off (usually an extra grand), and the gym job took out cute little amounts from my paycheck instead of the usual 30% or so that I got taken out everywhere else.

Itís better than having to pay, right? Iíll thank my lucky stars for that.

Yesterday was the loveliest day outside, so I took advantage of it as best as I could while still getting my stuff done.

I went to Northwestern and filled out an application for employment, talking with the HR folk and making them think I was swell and should have a job there. They insisted on a typing test, and Iím quite speedy. I got the exact same score during both tests, so I can rightfully add the bullet ďconsistentĒ to the list of good things about me. Tee-hee!

I walked to the HUGE Old Navy store and looked at their new maternity section. There is a baby in my future. A little boy. And heíll be here at the beginning of August.

...and thankfully I wonít have anything directly to do with him coming into this world. Iíll leave that to my sister whose belly is growing more and more each day. Iíll just be the cool Aunt Jo, getting him all wound up with lots of noisy toys and without naps, returning him to his maa at the end of a fun day. Lucky for her, heh?

[I fully expect her to do the same. After all, thereís a lot of fun in being the cool aunt. Then again, Iíll be the only aunt... Hey J -- You're my favorite sister. And K -- You're my favorite brother. Dad, youíre my favorite dad. Maa, youíre my favorite Maa...]

Okay. Now that Iíve given a shout out to the fam, itís time for me to get on with my day. The warm weather disappeared, so Iím gonna look for more jobs and then head to Michigan Avenue and look inside all of the pretty shops and not buy anything. †

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