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Operation Opine Online

2004-06-11    1:05 p.m.
There’s a new survey in town. Bring in the welcome wagons and say hello.

That means that you should click that and fill in my survey.


This morning I got Dad and Boy off to the el by 7 o’clock. It involved waking up at 6, but it got done. They’re likely boarding their flight right now, Ming in-hand.

Good riddance, you fucking flea bag!

(Ming, not my family...)

On her last night in my beautiful new place, the rotten fucking cat scratched the hell out of my hallway wall. I now have big claw-shaped gashes into my freshly painted wall. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I used some caulking to fill in the gashes. I did a second coat last night before bed. There will be filling after filling until it’s back to smooth walls. And then I get to spot paint. Grrreat. Like that won’t be noticed.

But now, GONE! I couldn’t be happier about being a one-cat family again. No more litterbox stinking up my bathroom. No more hair logs (because they’re certainly larger and shaped differently than all the hair balls I’ve ever seen) thrown up onto my floor. No more fighting at all hours of the night.

Just me and Hambone.

Alone at last.


Hambone seems to be getting back to his old personality. With Ming in the smaller place, he’d sit on my pillow and pout. There was no playing, no running around, no exploring. Just sitting. And pouting.

He’s now taken to swatting and chasing his mousey toys all over the place, clearly enjoying the distance and speed the toys gets with each smack he gives.

Similarly, he’s taken to napping in my cupboards (which he opens and enters by himself) and napping on my wall.

Explanation so you don’t think my cat is breaking the rules of physics and sleeping vertically against my wall:

I own a soft loft. This means that everything’s really open (e.g., no doors) and the walls don’t reach the ceiling anywhere except the bathrooms.

Hambone jumps onto my kitchen counter, onto the fridge’s top, and then onto the 8-foot wall that separates the master bedroom from the kitchen. He walks around up there, leaps onto the wall that separates the bedroom from the hallway, and then lays down, overlooking everything and everyone. My closet’s highest sectional (which I can’t reach to use anyway) will soon have a pillow up there so he can really perch up top.

Pictures to come soon. I got one of him walking on the wall that I’ll include once I post all of the pictures.

Taking presentable pictures involves buying more furniture and hanging up pictures. My living room has only a cheap throw rug in there now. The walls are painted nicely, but that’s it.

My kick-ass coworker C-Dogg Spanktacular told me about a furniture store to check out. So when work’s finished today (at 2:15), I’ll be heading out there to scope what they have. It’s one of those stores where the inventory changes all of the time, so there’s no telling what I’ll find.

Let’s cross our fingers that I’ll get something easily and painlessly that I adore.

This will not be a repeat of my last couch-buying extravaganza.

This will not be a repeat of my last couch-buying extravaganza.

This will not be a repeat of my last couch-buying extravaganza.

If I repeat it enough times, will my wish come true? I’ll click my heels together, just in case.

My plans for tonight:

-- Get off of work at 2:15 today.

-- Go home and get my ‘tard cart (my city cart that lets me haul all of my crap around).

-- Drop off the ‘tard cart at the old apartment.

-- Ride the bus to the furniture store to begin operation “Place to Park my Potato”.

-- Go back to the old apartment to clean the hell out of it so I can turn in the keys.

-- Bring crap to the new place and unpack like a mutha.

A checklist for today’s events. How LiveJournal of me!

Have a good weekend, all. I’m outta here!  

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