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The Entry About Cat Poop and My Best Friend

2003-03-22    9:03 p.m.

Well, it seems that the toilet training is over. I tried. I was successful to a point. But then I noticed that Hambone wasn’t doing well.

Yes, I’m writing about my cat’s poop. He’ll pee in the toilet all day long, but pooping isn’t gonna happen.

And knowing that I’m the one who has to take care of him and make the best decisions for his well-being, there is now a litterbox in my bathroom.

But on the up side, I do have a picture of him actually squatting on the toilet and giving it a go.

I’m a responsible pet owner, and I will put up with the litterbox in my living space if it means that I get to snuggle a mammal while I type emails to my friends.

I despise the litterbox...

In my previous apartment I had a kitty door onto the balcony that allowed me to place the litterbox outside. But as the saying goes, “Out of site, out of mind.”

I was occasionally a bad kitty mommy in cleaning the litterbox out. But I did learn something about Ham: I cannot have any potted plants.

He much prefers to pop a squat in foliage’s soil than he does in scoop-able clay bits. Damn cat pooped up my entire balcony without me noticing it. (To my credit, it was a big balcony and his litterbox was within three feet of the door...)

Enough about cat poop.

One of my oldest friends is in town this weekend. No, she’s not actually old. That never comes out right. (Like Hambone’s cat poop... Okay, I’ll stop!) This friend and I have known each other since the fifth grade.

She moved to my crap-ass small town around then, moved away in the seventh grade, came back in ninth grade. We were friends each time, but became really, really good friends that last time she was around.

She became part of my family during the tenth grade. My parents loved her because she actually liked spaghetti -- one of the two meals ever made while growing up.

We dated neighbors who lived one town over because it was convenient, leading me to dump mine when she grew tired of making out with hers.

Not only is she cool and smart and a wonderful friend, this girl smacked my high school arch nemesis for making a smartass comment in the girl’s locker room.

Cemented in my heart, baby, for smacking that stupid bitch Leslie. I love ya! *wink*

So we just got back from Michigan Avenue for some pseudo-shopping. I have a specific dress in mind, but it seems that lace overlay is *so* 2002 and I’m SOL. This gives me reason to now scour thrift stores... As if I actually needed a reason...

We’ll see what fun ensues in the next few days!

Cat poop. Cat poop. Cat poop.

You thought you heard the last of it, huh? 

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