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The Most Useless Blog Post Ever

2007-01-10† Ė† 12:42 p.m.
Wow. The emails. Apparently people have some ideas about where I should live. Oddly enough, a few of you are championing for me to live somewhat near you. Weirdos. You donít want me eating your food, using your washer and dryer, and criticizing your Netflix choices as I sit on your couch in my undies.

Anyway, nothing is set. Itís all just wishful thinking at this point. Iíve been doing that a lot lately, and itís already making my head spin. Iím getting the sort of head that I accuse crazy women of getting, where men scamper in the opposite direction and other women fuel the fire. Enough is enough, brain.

And enough about that.

Iíve been great about going to the gym lately. Since Iím training for this marathon, I split my workouts between the morning and evening. Because, really... When Iím already waking up at 5:30 to squeeze in a few miles before work, Iím not going to wake up any earlier to also lift weights. Eff that.

Iíve been boxing (hitting someone holding pads feels great), taking the occasional cardio dance class (shake your bon-bon), and running every chance I get.

Beyond working out, not much is going on here. Iím reading a whole lot (four books since Saturday), and... well, thatís about it. When you live alone and itís mid-week, thereís usually not much going on unless you are the one doing the organizing and inviting. Staying in also helps with trying to go to bed at a decent hour since Iím hearing the first wake-up alarm at 5:15.

The other night I was asleep so early that it threw me when the phone rang at 11:30 (usually a perfectly acceptable time to call me). Iím pretty sure I made some caveman grunts before I hung up the phone.

Okay, Iím wrapping this up and naming it The Most Useless Blog Post Ever. Iíve gotta let my brain spin a bit, get it out to a couple friends, and then try to regain some sense of my normal senses. Until then, Iíll see you on the flip side. †

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