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Realization and the Weekend

2005-11-16 9:28 p.m.
I just looked at my calendar and saw that today is my friend Ozs birthday.

Also notable, it also means that its my two-year anniversary with Benito. Whoops. Ill call him in a little bit. It looks like we both forgot.

If you want something schmoopy, heres last years entry where I gushed about his absolute loveliness.

I think I do a pretty disgusting amount of gushing an a regular basis, so Ill save my words for the next time I see him.

This week has flown by so far. I remember spending Friday night with Benito, only to leave early that afternoon after some shopping. The day was pretty crappy, so I spent most of it on the couch.

By time the night rolled around, it took all of my effort to go to Ozs birthday party. But, really, I was so glad to be there once I got inside the warm bar.

I had a total of one and a half beers, but we stayed out until after 3 a.m., shutting down two bars on the north side of town. We were truly rockstars. He he.

I was up and at em the next morning, so I text messaged Benito to let him know I was running errands and that he should call me when he wanted to hang out.

Text messages arrived late, and he was just beginning his errands as I was finishing up mine. As the evening wrapped up, we talked on the phone a bit and I went to sleep early.

On Monday I wasnt feeling up to working, so I spent the day napping and enjoying all of the wonderful things that my life has. Monday was exactly what I needed.

However, Im now finding myself at work at nearly 9:30 in the evening, writing a short entry as a small mental break, trying to make up for the hours spent lounging at the beginning of the week.

Was it worth it? You betcha.

Happy Wednesday, all. Happy birthday to Oz, and happy anniversary to Benito and me.

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