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Karmic Retribution

2006-02-06† Ė† 12:36 p.m.
All day on Thursday I had this overhanging foreboding feeling. It wasnít really a waiting-for-the-ax kinda thing, but it had similar qualities. I was just looking more carefully than usual, expecting the unexpected to happen.

With $2.50 in my pocket, I stopped by 7-11 for a cup of hot cocoa. As I held the cup under the dispenser and pressed the button, I started thinking about whatís being going on lately.

I just got a healthy amount in an overage check from my mortgage company because they screwed up my escrow. Iíll soon receive another substantial and unexpected amount as a signing bonus for the job I started 2.5 years ago. Filing my taxes will net me another few grand. My job is now giving me 34 paid days off per year and mondo health benefits. Iíve got a good amount in savings, just waiting to buy another house for investment purposes. I got out of waiting nine months for a new session of Catholic conversion classes just by knowing a little bit through my recent reading and will be fully confirmed this Easter. Iíve gotten some crazy reminders lately that I have some amazing and wonderful people are friends.

Etc., etc., etc.

So Iíve got all this good stuff going on. Karmic properties tell me thereís a taxiís front bumper waiting for me as I cross the street with my head in the clouds.

All around 7-11ís cocoa machine are signs saying ďHold the button until your cup is 2/3 full, or it will overflow!Ē but Iím here thinking about all the crazy-good stuff thatís come about in the past few days, completely ignoring the warnings.

And then I realize something: Maybe this is like my mortgage companyís screw-up. Iíve been shit upon excessively through no fault of my own for the past two months.

And I'm still filling up my cocoa, zoned out and thinking about it.

This poop-chute of a man has his own short comings, couldnít hang with what Iíve got, and wimped out on me.

Again, Iím fully forgetting about the "fill only to 2/3rds" thing.

Beyond offering a loving and supportive environment where he can feel safe with me, I canít do anything about his problems.

And then I think, ďOh crap, oh crap, overflow coming!Ē and I release the button well over the 2/3 mark, dangerously close to the top.

But somehow it stops perfectly, and I laugh: This is my karmic pay-back, and Iíve gotta appreciate it for what it is and let it happen.

So I bought a lotto ticket with the extra dollar and went home with my foreboding feeling gone.†

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