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Rings Galore!

2003-04-23    2:01 a.m.
Today I got a little ring crazy. And although my love of sapphires and diamonds set in white gold would fall into the shiny things category, I’m talking about diary rings here.

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell about the new rings that I created.

Well, what can I say? I have a great little sister. She’s one of the nicest and funniest people I know. Also, she’ll beat people up if they’re mean to me. Really. I wouldn’t mess with her. Although she’ll be a bit slow for the next few months, I know she can hold a grudge as well as I can. Don’t mess with her... He he. Love you baby sissy!

Who is the most handsome, smartest, most athletic, and coolest fifteen year old around? That would be Boy, the greatest brother ever! I could brag on him all day long: all A’s in his advanced classes, plays baseball better than everyone around (Varsity designated hitter as a freshman, starting first baseman on JV, and pitching up a storm in Little League), and just an all-around nice kid.

This was the crap-tacular little town that I grew up in. Twenty minutes away from the closest real grocery store, it’s growing more and more. I don’t know if anyone besides my family actually has Internet there [he he!], but I figured I’d create the diary ring anyway.

Best. Science. Website. Ever.

Greatest. Cat. Ever.

As NS says, I have “pretty mermaid hair” :o) When asked what my favorite physical trait is of mine, the hair definitely comes up. Yes, yes. And the belly too. But the hair is really distinctive and cool.

Taken from the Friends episode where it is revealed that Joey doesn’t wear underwear, this ring is for people who don’t wear undies. [raises hand slowly] Really. It’s just better that way. I promise.

Blue Koolaide tastes better than every other flavor. I probably drink three gallons of the stuff each week. If I were a fish, I’d learn tricks for the privilege of being able to swim in its sugary goodness.

My friend B once joked that if he were a bounty hunter, he knew exactly how to catch our friends. My trap was simply a bucket of shiny things. *sparkle*sparkle* Yes, I could play in a jewelry store all day long…

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